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TDS Film Room: FAMU

It’s a victory Film Room for the first time in over a year!

The Bulluminati Podcast presented by Irish 31: The BYU Preview Edition

The Bulls are back in the win column and headed west.

Do Stars Matter?

Of course they matter, but do they matter as much in the G5?

PYU Week 3 Results: Walking In Memphis

USF Football Beats FAMU 38-17

371 days later...

Game Thread: FAMU Rattlers at South Florida Bulls

Let’s win a game today

PYU Week 3 Picks Thread: Florida-Alabama Line

The Big FAMU Rattlers Preview

If USF can win any game this year, it’s this one...right?

Look Ahead: Who are USF’s Opponents Playing This Week?

A lot of good games this week from USF’s opponents.

The Bulluminati Podcast Presented by Irish 31: The FAMU Edition

We welcome Trent Schneider and Patrick Nasiatka to discuss Vantage Sports and more.

TDS Film Room: Florida Gators

Let’s take a look at some progress.

PYU Week 2 Results: Car 34, Where Are You?

No. 13 Florida Gators Take Care of South Florida 42-20

Could’ve been worse.

Game Thread: No. 13 Florida Gators at South Florida Bulls

Score some points, and drink plenty of water

Florida Gators Q&A with SB Nation’s Alligator Army

Let’s learn more about the Gators ahead of Saturday

Look Ahead: Who are USF’s Opponents Playing This Week?

Well, at least Tulsa, and Temple had a bad week too...

PYU Week 2 Picks Thread: Spoiler Alert

The Big Florida Gators Preview


TDS Film Room: NC State

TDS Film Room returns in our featured livestreams!

The Bulluminati Podcast Presented by Irish 31: The Groundbreaking Edition

USF broke ground on the IPF earlier today which is a monumental step forward - but we have work to do.

PYU Week 1 Results Thread: Non-College Football Edition

We Need To Talk About USF, Part 3 (Actually, No We Don’t)

Jamie is mad as hell, and doesn’t want to take it anymore.

We Need to Talk About USF, Part 2

Buckle up. Dr. Matt comes with the love and care needed for USF to fix their problems. But, first they need to admit there’s a problem.

We Need To Talk About USF, Part 1

There’s a lot going on right now at USF, we need to discuss what’s going on.

We Still Miss You, Lee Roy Selmon.

Thank you for just being you, Lee Roy.

PYU Week 1 Picks Thread: Under The Sea

USF Football Remains a Deflated Balloon, Gets Walloped 45-0 by NC State

To say the Bulls’ 2021 season opened with a thud would be unfair to thuds.

Game Thread: South Florida Bulls at NC State Wolfpack

F***ing Finally, it’s game day!

2021 USF Football Predictions - The Daily Stampede Group

For over a decade, the brightest minds, the sharpest talk. What does our panel expect for USF Football this season?

The Big NC State Wolfpack Preview

The Bulls open the 2021 season on the road against a solid ACC team.

Look Ahead: Who are USF’s Opponents Playing This Week?

Let’s get some early scouting done.

Bulls in the NFL: Who Made the 53-Man Roster out of Training Camp

Lots of former Bulls made NFL rosters this year.