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Brian Battie Rushes for 1,000 on the Season, USF Football Loses 48-42 to Tulsa

Thank God there’s only one week left.

PYU Week 12: Melon Crazy

PYU Week 11: Relax

No Dead Cat Bounce For USF Football, Lose 41-23 to SMU Mustangs

There’s no fixing this defense in a week.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The I Suppose There’s Still a Game Edition

Oh right! There’s still a game to be played.

USF Basketball: Women Destroy Morehead State 87-40; Men Got Some Exercise in 64-61 Loss to Southeast Missouri State

More of the same. Both good and bad.

The Bulluminati Podcast: Emergency Podcast Jeff Scott Fired

What must be done eventually, must be done immediately.

BREAKING: USF Football Head Coach Jeff Scott Has Been Fired

It was about time.

PYU Week 10: No Gnus Is Good Gnus

USF Football Get Ran Through By Temple 54-28

Yeah, we’re done here.

It’s Referendum Day For USF Football and Head Coach Jeff Scott

Today may be a moment in history for USF Athletics.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The If Not Now, When Edition

The good news is its Temple week! That’s USF’s last FBS win!

PYU Week 9: All Hallows’ Eve

USF Football Covers Spread, Gets Steamrolled by Houston Cougars 42-27

Good teams win, great teams cover.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The COUGAR, I hardly KNOW her Edition

Gotta play the hits one last time.

PYU Week 8: The Not-So-Fun Belt

Gerry Bohanon to miss remainder of 2022 season with shoulder injury

Bohanon joins a slew of injuries that have plagued the snake bitten Bulls.

Protect Your Unit Week 7: I Go To Extremes

USF Football Competes vs Tulane, But Falls 45-31

Season From Hell has some tail to it.

Game Thread: Tulane Green Wave at USF Bulls

Don’t poop the bed, part 2

USF Women’s Basketball Picked to Win AAC and USF Men’s Basketball Slated to Finish 9th in Pre-Season Coach’s Poll

The Queens stay Queens, but the men’s team with some work to do.

TDS Film Room: Cincinnati

Progress isn’s a straight line as they say.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The Don’t Poop the Bed Part 2 Edition

Is this a season from hell with all of the injuries?

Protect Your Unit Week 6 Picks Thread: Hooray For Normalcy

USF Football Puts Scare into No. 24 Cincinnati Bearcats, Fall 28-24

I don’t get this team...

The Big Cincinnati Bearcats Preview

"Aw, shit, here we go again."

The Bulluminati Podcast: The Second Half Champions Edition

The ESPN+ stream wasn’t working and USF was already down 7-0.

Protect Your Unit Week 5 Results Thread: Dead Cat Bounce

USF Football Gets Destroyed by ECU 48-28

New week, same result

Protect Your Unit Week 5 Picks Thread: Bank Error In Your Favor

USF vs ECU moved to FAU for Saturday

Stay safe yall.

Protect Your Unit Week 4 Results Thread: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore