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The 14th Most Important Player For USF Basketball

Did you know that we are almost a month away from the season opener against Vermont? Wait you didn't? Well if you guys are new here, every season we go through the roster trying to find out who will be the most valuable player for USF basketball.

With Andre Jackson unable to qualify and heading off to Cal State Bakersfield, the Bulls are down to 14 players on the roster this season. With that said, let's meet the first entry in this year's countdown. The 14th Most Important Player For USF Basketball this year is Jordan Omogbehin!

This isn't a knock on Jordan's future with the program. At 7'3" and 291 lbs, Omogbehin will have a chance to shine in the Big East (or whatever conference we are in) in the next few years, but the fact that Jordan can not play this season is one of the main reasons why he is down here at #14. Even if he was able to play this year, Jordan is a bit of a project and is still a year or two away from being a consistent performer for the Bulls.

The fact that he is at USF right now is a testament to our compliance staff after most thought he would be heading off to prep school this year. Like always however, the compliance staff filed an appeal to have Jordan on-campus this season, and the NCAA accepted on the condition that Omogbehin would not play this year.

Jordan's big job for this season is to be an excellent scout player for our posts, and to improve his fundamentals so he can be ready to replace Ron Anderson Jr. and Augustus Gilchrist down low next year.