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Your Required Reading: UConn

SB Nation:

If applicable, we will put a SB Nation blog at the top. With UConn on the docket this week, we will happily link you over to The UConn Blog. Kevin, Justin, and Andrew do a great job there and they might have the easiest blog name to remember in the history of the internet.


Two places for you to go to with the traditional media. First up is Desmond Connor at the Hartford Courant, who does a great job covering UConn. The second site you should go to is The Connecticut Post, who are reorganizing the UConn beat after Neill Ostrout was let go recently.

Other Blogs:

Couple of quality UConn blogs you should head to as well. You have Sox & Dawgs, who surprisingly covers UConn Athletics and the Boston Red Sox, among other sports. Another site you should visit is Thoughts From A Fat White Guy, which is run by former UConn DL Rob Lunn.

Message Boards:

UConn has not one, not two, but THREE message boards that are pretty active. Of course you have the Rivals and Scout boards, but there is also The Boneyard, and independent board which might be the busiest one of them all.

Official Site:

Trying to figure out the difference between the three UConn QBs? Wondering what Blidi Wreh-Wilson's middle name is? Head on over to