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Daily Bull-ogosphere: October 18

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Good Morning V5ers! We hope you had a better night than the Miami Dolphins last night. Onto the links!

1. I'm really looking forward to watching the Half-Hoops take on Louisville tonight on ESPNU. Just remember that Dom Dwyer scores goals, and he scores a ton of them.

2. Congrats to Ryne Giddins who was named to the Big East Honor Roll for his big game against UConn on Saturday. Anytime a DE can rack up double-digit tackles you know he had a great game.

3. Coach Holtz is already looking towards Cincinnati, and Skip has been impressed with the Bearcats' insanely good turnover margin this season.

4. When you lose to UConn and Pitt, you deserve to be 7th in the Big East Power Rankings. I don't think anything else needs to be said.

5. I'm a little bummed that Jawanza Poland wasn't included in this, but those are some fantastic names. I think Rumble in the Garden is excited about possible headlines from these guys.