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Your Holtzism of the Week

You remember Holtzisms? They were Ken's occasional series that kept track of the goofy things that came out of Skip Holtz's mouth in interviews, press conferences, or any other time we got to hear him talk. I think I might have killed the series when I caught Holtz's "I love B.J." quote (obviously referring to Daniels) last summer, so it's only fair that I get to resurrect this running bit.

This one's from Greg Auman's blog entry on Tuesday, after Holtz went to the Lakeland Yacht & Country Club to give a talk at the GrayRobinson Community Leader Forum. Actually I had to narrow this down, because Skip got off a few good lines in his talk. (Make sure you read Greg's blog to see the rest of them.) But this one was the best:

-- Joking about why he didn't tell his QBs who was starting the bowl game in Charlotte until immediately before kickoff: "For B.J. (Daniels), I don't want him to get content. For Bobby Eveld, I don't want to have to wear gold pants because he pees all over himself."