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NCAA Tournament Championship Open Thread

Well this is it for this year. In one corner we have the Butler Bulldogs. A team who would be the real life version of Hoosiers if they pull it out tonight. By coincidence, the championship game between Hickory and South Bend Central was played at Hinkle Fieldhouse, which is the homecourt of the Bulldogs.

They have a bright young coach in Brad Stevens, a Tampa kid in Shawn Vanzant, a cold-blooded killer in Shelvin Mack, and the Serie A level flopper Matt Howard. This is a program that would be a logical choice if you like the little guy taking out the big underdog. I would be lying if I wasn't rooting like hell for them to beat Duke last year and was bummed when Gordon Hayward's prayer glanced off the back of the rim.

But this year is different. I want a Big East team to win. It has been far too long since Calhoun raised the trophy in 2004. Hopefully the drought ends tonight and I have a very good feeling about it. As our friends at TheUConnBlog keep pointing out to us, UConn has Kemba Walker and Butler doesn't.

Go Huskies.