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Daily Bull-ogosphere: July 21

Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys are having a better morning than Dan Beebe. We are SHOCKED that the Big XII is maybe sort of falling apart. On to the links!

1. Greg Auman has news that former USF center Alex Rivas is playing professional basketball back in the Dominican Republic. For a guy with the injury problems he had while in Tampa, it's great that Alex is able to live his dream of playing professional ball.

2. Good luck to softball head coach Ken Eriksen, as he leads the US National Team in the Softball World Cup this week. The US opened up the tournament against the Czech Republic last night, and will take on Australia tonight. All of the U.S.'s games will be on an ESPN channel.

3. Great news! The Big East baseball tournament will be back in Clearwater for the next two seasons! Now if USF can only qualify for the tournament!

4. Andrea Adelson has ranked the Big East's starting quarterbacks, and B.J. Daniels came in at #4. That sounds about right. (Andrea had another story that we'll link to in today's roster entry.)

5. Did the NFL owners just try to pull a fast one on the players? If so, this lockout is not going to end well, or it won't... you know, end.