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Daily Bull-ogosphere: July 7

Good Thursday Morning V5ers! We hope you guys are nursing your hangovers after hanging out with Toro last night. On to the links!

1. You haven't read the latest edition of The Octonion yet?!? What is wrong with you??? Still don't know how bacon-wrapped anything isn't delicious, even to Gordon Ramsey.

2. Andrea Adelson's Big East position rankings move on to linebacker, where she has the Bulls ranked first. YEAAAAHHH NUMBER ONE (pops champagne, sprays all over everyone)

3.Greg Auman, finally with some news to report, has the baseball team's list of 2012 newcomers. There are a lot of open positions everywhere on the field, so hopefully a couple of these guys not named ROCK SHOULDERS can step up and produce.

4. The guys at The Bull Rush are continuing their football team primer of the football team, and they have posts up on the wide receivers and offensive lineman. Voodoo's lengthy preview of the USF running backs will be available on SB Nation Tampa Bay today, and we will have a FanPost up when it goes live.

5. Finally, there was an awesome tweet from by Rutgers DL Eric LeGrand last night. Glad to see the big guy is making some excellent progress.