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USF Basketball Mixology - Game 15, Rutgers

Ingredient one (of two) for today's mixology.
Ingredient one (of two) for today's mixology.

(DISCLAIMER: Enjoy responsibly. 21 means 21. Don't drink and drive.)

Happy New Year!

Sorry, that was a little loud. I'll try to keep it down.

Usually we go for an opponent-themed beverage. But today's installment of Mixology is all about the date and time of the tipoff: noon, on New Year's Day. We have quite possibly the perfect drink for this occasion. It's a morning cocktail; it has a good "hair of the dog" effect; it goes well with a carb-heavy brunch; it doesn't require too much brainpower to mix a good one. And after last night's New Year's Eve party, all the ingredients are probably scattered around your house, including the preferred glass type.



  • some amount of champagne or sparkling white wine (screw measuring; my head hurts)
  • about the same amount of orange juice

Pour one ingredient into a champagne flute, then the other. Stir gently. Garnish with orange slice or strawberry if desired.


  • Personally, I like to add a drop or two of Grenadine. Which some would say makes the drink a Buck's Fizz; the Internet offers little consensus on what constitutes a Buck's Fizz versus a Mimosa. The International Bartenders Association, which maintains official lists of cocktails and recipes, says there is no difference.
  • You can use cranberry juice, pink grapefruit, passion fruit, or something along those lines instead of the orange juice. But come on, this is Florida; if you don't have orange juice in the fridge, go outside and borrow some from a tree.
  • For extra kick, you can add a tablespoon or two of orange liqueur (Triple Sec, Grand Marnier).
  • If you have any young'uns in your Rutgers game party, you can make virgin mimosas with Sprite, 7Up, Squirt, or other fizzy citrus soft drink in place of the champagne. For maximum effect, serve it in a champagne flute, and their drink will look just like the grownups' drinks. Kids love that.