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USF Spring Football Roster Notes

Jamie gave you his things to watch for earlier today, but here are a couple of roster notes as football starts up today.

- This isn't surprising following his hospitalization due to seizures last month, but freshman offensive lineman David "Boo" Simon is no longer on the roster. We wish Boo the best as he continues to recover from his health scare and hope he gets back to 100%.

- I think we covered this before, but DB Spencer Boyd has had a change of heart and is back on the team after declaring his intentions to transfer back in January. If you guys remember, Boyd was suspended for the last three games last year.

- A couple of position changes on the roster. Walk-on QB Ryan Eppes has moved over to LB, where he has pretty good size at 6'1" and 230 lb. Clavion Nelson has put on some weight and will move down the line from defensive end to tackle. Walk-on Allen Singleton has moved from wide receiver after being in the secondary last year. If you see any more that I missed, let us know in the comments.

- If you're interested in weight fluctuations, Greg Auman has a nice breakdown for you. Still funny to see a 1'4" difference from the tallest person on the roster (6'9" Jake Kaufmann) to our shortest (5'5" Derrick Hopkins).

- For you NCAA roster freaks, here are the numbers for our early entrants.

  • CB Chris Bivins Jr.: 31
  • DT James Hamilton: 90
  • DE Eric Lee: 91
  • DE Tevin Mims: 99
  • WR Alex Mut: 84
  • OL Lawrence Martin: 65
  • OL Chandlor Mathews: 57
  • DB Fidel Montgomery: 14
  • DB Joshua Brown: 25

Ian Lanphier has a rundown at the end of this post of who will be limited or out this spring, including Bivins and Ricardo Dixon, both out as they recover from ACL injuries.