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USF Spring Game Recap - Let's Not Have A Panic Attack About The Offense

B.J. Daniels has got this. Maybe. We hope so. Please have this. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
B.J. Daniels has got this. Maybe. We hope so. Please have this. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Getty Images

When the final score of the spring game is 37-7, and the team with the backup offense won 37-7, and the only touchdown the team with the first-team offense scored was when the other team blew a snap on a field goal and you ran it back for a touchdown... yeah, it might be time to worry.

B.J. Daniels was dismal, completing just nine passes, but he had pressure on him constantly. He was facing the first-team defense the majority of the time, and the starting front four got after him all night long. (Ryne Giddins had three sacks -- he is going to be a monster this season.) The only way to see the game was to attend the game, so I can't tell you if that was the defense being that good or the offensive line being out of sorts, but the O-line was one of the strengths of last year's team, so I doubt that it completely fell apart between then and now. Then again, Daniels got called for intentional grounding in the end zone, which is about as big a DERP as you can have in a spring game.

Just remember, offenses usually look bad in spring games, as long as the defense doesn't have one hand tied behind its back (see: Green & Gold Game). The entire offense on both teams was terrible in last year's official spring game, and then they ended up doing pretty well during the season. Between the 20s, anyway. We'll pick this story up again in the fall.

Other than that, the big news is no one was seriously hurt. It would have been better to get through the entire spring practice with no long-term injuries, but only Anthony Hill won't be back in time for the fall. While that hurts, it could have been worse.

Things to look at when the post-spring depth chart comes out:

  • Who is listed as the backup running back. It will probably be either Lindsey Lamar or Marcus Shaw, both of whom had nice games tonight.
  • Who is listed as the starting wide receivers. It's impossible to argue that Sterling Griffin is USF's best receiver right now. That honor belongs to Andre Davis, who made several plays tonight while building on his auspicious freshman season.
  • Who is starting at cornerback opposite Kayvon Webster. Lots of choices here, whether it's Fidel Montgomery or George Baker or Joshua Brown or someone else.

The weather looked terrible until right before the game, so tailgating was nonexistent and the attendance was probably pretty bad. (USF even thought about canceling the game.) Did you all get out there? What did you see?