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My Favorite College Football Highlight: USF Vs. West Virginia, 2007

There are a few games that made me think about my favorite USF highlight like Louisville 2005, FSU 2009, Notre Dame 2011, Kansas 2008, Auburn 2007 and Louisville 2003, but the Friday night game in 2007 against West Virginia is by far and away my favorite.

It was a perfect night for USF to showcase the university and the football program. It was the only game on TV in the country and received some decent hype from ESPN as gameday approached. I don't I've heard Tampa more hyped about a USF game, and it even forced a afternoon sports radio host to troll USF fans into calling, giving the Bulls no chance against the high-powered Mountaineer offense.

Of course you remember the big moments first. Ben Moffitt's Pick Six put the crowd in a frenzy that wouldn't stop all night (And for half a second I thought the stadium would collapse from everyone celebrating.), and Grothe to Mitchell was the one big play that the USF offense desperately needed.

But even with those two moments, there are a ton of other plays that you won't think about off the top of your head, but when you look back immediately bring a smile to your face. Ben Williams' bobble catch and immediate cut to evade a defender. Tyrone McKenzie's forced fumble of Steve Slaton that made Chris Spielman yell "BRING YOUR FEET!". The 3rd down conversions Grothe made on the run over and over again. Moffit's 2nd pick that caromed off of Jerome Murphy. Murphy's forced fumble on Slaton that Nate Allen scooped up for a big return. Jamar Taylor's touchdown that came out of nowhere. The constant pressure the front seven had all night on Pat White and Jarrett Brown.

Just an awesome experience to be there as a fan, and one that I will never forget. Even when the team has a poor season like last year, I can always look back to that game and most of the 2007 season and know that it can and will get better.

So what is your favorite highlight? Let us know in the comments.