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OK, You Guys... Where Were We?

We were on the sidelines for awhile, but we're back in the game now.
We were on the sidelines for awhile, but we're back in the game now.

The dog ate it! My alarm didn't go off! Our princess was in another castle! Uhhhhhh...

Look, we know it's been awhile since we updated this site properly. There was a pretty long-running internal issue that we were trying to work through, and it got to the point where we were unable to write anything until it got resolved. We're truly sorry about cutting off our readers for that much time. Now that we're back, we hope you'll allow us to make it up to you.

How are we going to do that? All at once, baby! (By the way, turn your volume down. Way, way down.)

2012 San Diego "Big Bay Boom" Fireworks Bust / Fail in 720P HD (via myTwinBees)

We're just in time for football season, so that's where we're going to start. There are a lot of players that we need to go back and profile in our Stampeding Through the Roster series, which we'll do as fast as we can until we're all caught up. We're also going to dive into some things that happened while we were away, like Skip Holtz's contract extension, some new commits for 2013, and something that's been bugging me about the last few weeks of recruiting. Once Big East media day wraps up on Tuesday, we'll see if they ran out of lobster at the clambake again, and then we'll cover Skip's opening press conference and the start of fall practice on Friday.

After that, it's off to Vero Beach, and the countdown to the first game against Chattanooga begins. We'll dig deep into the team, and I'll bring back the Show Me Something series to look at the people I'm most interested in watching this season (hint: it's not the players). We'll agonize over depth charts, parse quotes, and do all the things a proper, borderline-obsessive blog should do.

And of course since I'm the defending champion, there's going to be another season of Protect Your Unit. I'll keep that alive as long as it takes to prove that gambling doesn't pay, no matter how much Collin thinks otherwise. (Wait until he and I go to Reno for the Nevada game and make our fake bets for real. I predict disaster. Oh, and I'm still completely in the bag for EcoKat.)

But enough about us. Let's get back to talking about USF.