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USF Football Camp Roundup: In Lieu Of Hard-Hitting News, Here's Dr. Lou

I got nothing today since no one's getting hurt or pitching a fit or throwing down with each other like at New York Jets camp. So here's Lou Holtz holding court at Thursday's practice in Vero Beach, courtesy of

The lack of wacky Holtzisms was disappointing, to be honest. Not that it was a total loss. I don't really know what the whole "false faces" thing was about throwing on 3rd and 2, but forget it, he was rolling.

OK, there are a couple of other things worth taking a look at today, like a Todd Fitch interview in which not one question about goal-line fades was asked, and some other interviews with players like B.J. Daniels, Evan Landi, and Lindsey Lamar.

Also if you want to see about 25 people ask Greg Auman about Keith Clanton, he held a lengthy chat yesterday. My favorite part was when even mild-mannered, non-judgmental Greg had to say something about how many people thought USF would go 6-1 or even 7-0 in the conference (over 50% -- and a total of 86% of the respondents in the poll though they would go at least 5-2). Come on you all, stop putting your hand on the hot stove like that.