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New USF Football Locker Room Has Arrived From The Future

While the USF football team was in Vero Beach for their annual fall practice getaway, their locker room inside the Lee Roy Selmon Athletics building was being redone. After a practice at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday, and the annual Fan Fest event in the afternoon, the team returned to the building and saw...


Hang on, we're going to need some background music. Here, try this.

Got to say USF pretty much nailed it here. These locker rooms aren't easy to pull off without looking ridiculous. (See: SMU's strip club locker room.) It looks great even with the overhead lights on, but it's going to look amazing when the green LEDs are lighting up the room. For a program without an overflowing trophy case or a huge on-campus stadium to show off, you need something to show recruits to get a "holy shit!" reaction out of them. That's why you design a locker room like this, so when you bring high school kids in on their official visits, they see this and get excited.

Greg Auman collected a few more Twitter photos from players taking pictures of their own lockers. What do you all think?