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Blog East: Midweek Big East Roundup

Brian Kelly's face will get ever redder against five ACC foes a year . . . uh, wait, ND BCS 2015!!!!
Brian Kelly's face will get ever redder against five ACC foes a year . . . uh, wait, ND BCS 2015!!!!

Note: We're planning on doing a weekly roundup Big East news from SBNation blogs from around the conference, and elsewhere.


Pretty newsy day around the conference, leading off with, gasp, another defection.

Notre Dame Leaving The Big East to Join the ACC | Big East Coast Bias

All things considered, this is another big blow to the conference. The Big East just entered the negotiating window for the new contract on September 1, so this will impact how much the conference will ultimately draw. With the 27-month transition, Notre will stay in the Big East until 2015 unless they pony up more dough, perhaps $5-20 million extra, like Pitt, Syracuse or West Virginia did. On the bright side, this barely affects football, and it doesn't seem like anyone else will bounce, right?

For more from Notre Dame's perspective, check out this comprehensive post from our friends at One Foot Down.

And EDSBS chimes in as well

Why UConn Cannot Beat Randy Edsell and Maryland by Enough | The UConn Blog

Can't fault Huskies fans for wanting to put the hammer to Maryland. Edsell took off on a high and his "destination job" isn't exactly a step up from UConn. And it probably affected both programs negatively. However the Twerps (AMIRITE?!?!) might better than last year, with two wins already this season, equaling last year's total.

Louisville vs. North Carolina is a Sell-out | Card Chronicle

The Cards get a sell-out against a mediocre ACC team. Could we get some of that mojo at the RayJay when we play a better ACC team later this month, an in-state foe at that?

SMU is . . . | Good Bull Hunting

Not a Big East site, but Texas A&M's ominous-for-us named Good Bull Hunting takes a swipe at SMU's ad campaign's attempt at building an identity. Here's mine