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Blog East: Weekly Big East Roundup - Pitino Blogging on the Ones and Twos

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On this week's docket, expansion turmoil, Munchie Legaux, and more basketball, because I can't remember the last time I wanted to think about college football before this very sentence. (Sigh). Jabari Parker, Rick Pitino, and more!

Big East Torn on Expansion Candidates | Big East Coast Bias

Some schools in the conference want to add BYU, while others would prefer Air Force. BYU is the better program, with a better reputation and a higher national profile, and if you watched last night's Boise-BYU game, I think we have a rivalry in the making. But Air Force isn't a schlump and pairs well with Navy. But since both have rejected Big East enticement in the past, neither is a slam dunk.

BECB also gets into divisional alignments for the 14-team conference. With 14 schools, it'll be tough to do geographic divisions.

(If it were up to me, I'd go to 16 and add both, and another western partner like Nevada. The west division would be Air Force, Boise St, BYU, Houston, Memphis, Nevada, San Diego St, and SMU. The five football-only schools (bolded) could create a new non-football conference with a couple more schools, and nine-game conference football scheduling would be a breeze: seven division games, two non-division games).

Speaking of Boise St. and BYU, this happened last night (click for motion)Fat-guy-touchdown_medium


You Can't Get Enough Munchie Legaux In Your Life | Down The Drive

Down the Drive with a fantastic break down of Munchie Legaux's passing versus Delaware State.

Randy Edsell's Playa Hater's Club | UConn Blog

Teeheehee - Some funny cracks on UConn's former coach from the UConn Blog, especially in the comments section, such as:

Randy Edsall once scored 85 points in a game. The game was Words With Friends.

Basketball links, including Pitino, after the jump

Mike Brey wants Notre Dame to keep playing some Big East schools | Big East Coast Bias

Also from BECB, but noted by VUHoops, Casual Hoya and others, but Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey would like to maintain Big East rivalries, purely for the recruiting. Well, lets just say Big East fans aren't interested. VUHoops in particular has some great comments, going into the love-hate history between Notre Dame and the Catholic universities.

Jabari Parker interested in UConn | The UCONN Blog

Parker, 2013 #1 recruit added UConn to his initial list, which is 11 teams long and isn't his final five-team list for official visits. The list was 10 teams long, but after Kevin Ollie took the reigns, Parker added UConn and gave credit to Ollie for the addition. The Big East fan in me would love to see him go to the Huskies, but the USF fan in me wants our guys to have a chance against UConn in the Anthony Collins era.

Rick Pitino puts all other bloggers to shame | Card Chronical

Rick Pitino: great blogger, or Greatest Blogger? Besides his blog having dope instrumental beats* and flashy graphics, he turns a phrase like no other and pulls no punches. After he quips about turning 60, he goes on a player-by-player breakdown of his entire roster, dropping Pitino-isms left and right. My favorite is about guard Russ Smith:

Russdiculous - sprained his ankle and missed both practices. It happened when he made up his mind to drive to the basket and hurdle three defenders. Not much has changed.

* I can't stop head-nodding. I'm seriously just going leave his blog on as background music all day.