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Voodoo Five Takes to the Air Once Again! Pre-FSU Podcast

The Voodoo Fivecast is back! Recorded Monday night, Collin, Mike, and Jamie talk about the Ball State game, the program in general, this Saturday's game against FSU, and of course gambling.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

On Monday, Collin and I made our way over to the USF Marshall Center to record a podcast with the help of the guys over at USF's campus radio station, Bulls Radio. Joining us via telephone was Jamie, who lives far, far away. We spent an hour rambling about USF's loss to Ball State, certain parts of the team that leave room for encouragement, a bit of Florida State preview, and of course, gambling. Click on the link below to go on a fabulous journey through the minds of V5's staff. It's an hour long, so make sure you get nice and comfortable in your work chair before you sail off to procrastination land.

Voodoo Five Podcast 9/24/12