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Sunday Morning Bull-ogosphere: USF vs. Nevada Roundup

Sam Barrington forced two of Nevada's three fumbles on Saturday. Both stopped scoring drives and kept USF in the game.
Sam Barrington forced two of Nevada's three fumbles on Saturday. Both stopped scoring drives and kept USF in the game.

Over your leisurely Sunday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs, a Bloody Mary, and like six Advil to cope with the pounding hangover you have from celebrating yesterday's comeback win a little too hard, enjoy these reactions to the USF-Nevada game from around the Internet.


Have you seen Collin's video clip from the postgame celebration? It's posted on our Facebook page, which you should like if you haven't already.

Defense regroups to help USF comeback |
The yardage allowed is a big number, but holding the Wolf Pack to only 10 points after the first quarter debacle was a big bounceback for the defense. They may have decoded Nevada's zone blocking scheme (which they change almost every week) and they forced Cody Fajardo to hand the ball off more in the read option, figuring they had a better chance of slowing down Stefphon Jefferson than Fajardo. After the initial adjustment, Nevada didn't move the ball consistently until fatigue set in, probably made worse by the altitude.

Takeaways by USF Bulls defense give offense a chance to come back - Tampa Bay Times
And they got two huge turnovers to deny Nevada points. Both fumbles were forced by Sam Barrington, tying a school record.

Bulls WR Davis spreads credit around |
Speaking of school records, Andre Davis set two of them with 12 receptions for 191 yards, plus two touchdowns. He had more receptions and more yards than the rest of USF's receivers combined, and his monster game was sorely needed after Sterling Griffin's injury knocked him out of the game.

Notes: Davis hauls in winning TD in Bulls' finish | University of South Florida Bulls blog: USF Sports Bulletin | Tampa Bay Times
More on Davis from Greg Auman, plus an update on a few injuries and a section on Lindsey Lamar, who lost his redshirt but was a very effective change of pace at running back, gaining 81 yards and scoring on a 35-yard touchdown run.

The Reno reaction is after the jump. Definitely worth reading.

Déjà vu as Wolf Pack coughs up fourth-quarter lead in loss to USF | Wolf Pack Blog
The Reno Gazette-Journal postgame recap.

Ault's conditional guts costs Pack a win in home opener | Dan Hinxman's Blog
Good point from Gazette-Journal columnist Dan Hinxman. Chris Ault went for it twice on fourth down on the opening possession of the game, but when they only needed one first down to end the game, he plowed Jefferson into the middle three times and punted to give USF one more chance. Ault kind of Schottenedsall'd that game if you think about it.

USF's Skip Holtz says Wolf Pack better than he thought | Wolf Pack Blog
I think everyone underestimated Nevada to some degree. Certainly the fans underestimated them a lot. I was much more upset with the self-inflicted mistakes than I was with anything Nevada was doing. They're legitimately a good team and could end up 11-1 by the end of the season. And that offense... it's like the torture rack of offenses, slowly pulling you apart a little bit at a time.

Quick Hits: USF 32, Nevada 31 -
A short recap from Chip Patterson (useful) and a cliche-ridden recap segment from the CBS Sports Network broadcast (less useful).

USF comes back to beat Nevada in thriller - Big East Blog - ESPN
Andrea Adelson's take, as USF scores the only OOC win against an FBS opponent for the Big East this weekend.