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Protect Your Unit, Week 7 Results: Root, Root, Root For The Home Team

Homerism isn't dead!

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(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Let's face it: USF and UConn are pretty equally bad. The result of Saturday's game could have gone either way, if either team had been slightly less craptastic at a key moment or two. If anything, UConn had more chances to win.

Perhaps because of that, the betting on this week's games saw an unusual pattern: everybody bet on their own team for a change.

This season has been rife with players cashing in on their own team's poor play, and other types of spite betting. So it was unusual to see all the USF fans line up to take USF, and all the UConn fans line up to take UConn. The only exception was JasonLoughren, who took UConn ATS, but only lost a fiver on it.

The big winners on this game were:

  • LrdNorman placed three separate bets on the Bulls, netting $216.31.
  • iwaswrongabouthowell (+$180) and Leavitt Town (+$90) won on the initial USF money line of +180.
  • Yours truly took USF +5.5 for a $90.91 gain. If anyone ever asked me for a sure-fire gambling tip, it would be "always take the points in the UConn-USF game." Note that UConn +5.5 would also have won.
  • danj725 (the only person to correctly pick McNeese State), diddybull32, chuckycrater, CedSaidZed, and Snafu13 also won on USF. Andrewp would have too, but he negated it by betting the Over 41.

On the other side of the coin, our UConn fans didn't have such a good week:

  • AndrewPorter lost $248 on UConn -4.5. This is also the Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week. The guy bets $248 against UConn almost every week, and wins, then when UConn plays USF, he bets on UConn. If that isn't "you suck" in giant flaming capital letters, I don't know what is.
  • zls44 lost $100 on the UConn money line.

So not only did Saturday's game decide 8th place in the American (I think UConn can beat Temple), it also had a large impact on the Protect Your Unit standings. Which are:

CedSaidZed $1,455.47
leavitttown $1,323.59
chuckycrater $1,282.10
LrdNorman $1,238.62
ucscott $1,213.71
Collin $1,212.46
jthoma11 $1,105.45
Danj725 $1,051.64
JLLoughren $1,050.91
AndrewPorter $1,010.10
SenatorGiggity $1,005.82
dsidwell31 $977.75
GarySJ $971.80
MikeNascarella $968.83
fusionpower $956.82
RyanTSmith $931.28
andrewp $931.28
Snafu13 $930.41
iwaswrongabouthowell $919.32
JeffNusser $904.07
CBulls08 $838.18
zls44 $815.62
diddybull32 $810.01
jasonloughren $797.47
ULismyhothotsex $658.51

The Floyd's Money Team Most Degenerate Bet of the Week award goes to JasonLoughren, for betting four, count'em, four Conference USA games: UAB-FIU, Tulsa-UTEP, FAU-Marshall, and East Carolina-Tulane.

Coming up next week: UCF is at Louisville, which will be a huge game in the American and a true test of how good these two teams really are. Florida is at Missouri, which is surprisingly important all of a sudden. The Pac-12 has many key games: UCLA-Stanford, Washington-Arizona State, Southern Cal-Notre Dame, and several even games like Utah-Arizona. There is also Colorado's replacement game against Charleston Southern, which is available for you to bet (if anyone makes any lines for it). Finally, we have our first Tuesday night game of the year: a Sun Belt affair at Western Kentucky. Tune in to get an early start on the week, or to see how many times they mention Willie Taggart!

As always, the first lines will be posted Monday night. I don't post new lines the day of a game, so that will be the only line for the WKU game.