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USF 75, Bowling Green 61. The Bandwagon Is Open For Business

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

USF picks up an impressive 75-61 win over Bowling Green State University. Some quick bullets:

* Welcome back, Anthony Collins. He didn't start but played 26 minutes, and looked a bit timid at first before finally settling in a bit. Ended up with seven points on 2-3 shooting, five dimes, two boards, and three turnovers. As an old high school basketball coach in the area texted me during the game: "he's untrappable." His ability to split double teams by getting so low to the ground is something most teams won't see all year. And he's still got the vision and court presence to throw the lobs, which he did a few times with great aplomb.

* Bulls were 27-46 from the floor, and 23-33 from two point range. Holy efficiency Batman!

* Corey. Allen. Junior. We know we're gushing at this point, and we don't care. 19 points, 7-11 from the field (2-3 from 3), seven boards, three assists, and three turnovers. The question we all had tonight was "can AC and Corey play together?" So far the answer appears to be yes, but they'll need more time against better competition to say for sure. The lob AC threw him for a dunk shows how it could work: AC sucked in two zoning defenders and did that "hypnotize the opponent because he's so low and can't get pilfered" thing he does, and Allen ran the baseline behind it for two rather pretty points. The yell we let out when it happened told our girlfriend we really weren't paying attention to what she was saying. Sorry, honey.

* EGBUNU!! He had a blocked shot at the rim in the first half which lead to a runout by Allen who missed the layup, but John was the first guy down the floor and he dunked the rebound. It was a WOW moment, one where you saw all that athleticism and talent on full display. This guy's instincts as a stopper defensively are light years ahead of where you'd think a freshman would be. He finished with 12 points, eight boards, and six blocks, mostly in the first half. And then this happened early in the 2nd:

We'll start that fundraiser later, but this kid is incredibly special. Can't wait to see him against a great driver like Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State coming help side and changing the game from the rim.

* We got this far, and didn't mention Vic Rudd (16 and 5, 5-8 from the floor, one SC Top 10 highlight runout dunk) or Martino Brock & Zach Leday (15 points and 6 boards with some great defense between them). Chris Perry and Musa Abdul-Aleem didn't have the games you'd think, but the depth of this team that we were all hoping for came through tonight.

The Bulls get a week off before Stetson next Friday at the Dome, but this was the most impressive win of the Bulls 3-0 record so far.