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We're Hiring: Wanna Work Here?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to a recent, overdue, and rather outstanding decision by USF Athletics, this humble blog will now be credentialed for both men's and women's basketball this season. However considering the current writers on the masthead live in Dallas, Omaha, Buffalo, Philly, Orlando, and South Tampa (yeah, that's me), we're going to need someone that can be there day to day.

Someone that can cover all the games we can't attend, make the weekly press conferences at the Selmon Center, and fill in with oustanding aplomb when traffic, employment, Netflix, or Playstation 4 prevents me from doing so. This is most likely a USF student, but could also be someone that lives near campus that has a passion for USF Athletics. and knowing the difference between a pick-and-roll and a flare screen is a plus.

You'll have all the full rights and privileges of being a member of the VoodooFIve staff (including the right to share my room in Las Vegas for the UNLV holiday basketball tournament this year if you wish), as well as a few bucks that we can slip into your pocket at times for your trouble and expenses. Do NOT take this job for the money... do it because you want to have a voice, help establish your credentials as a writer, or because you want internship credit at USF (we might have a way to do that as well).

You won't just be covering basketball, as whenever other news breaks we'll ask you to be a full part of the team. Any work you can do regarding football recruiting as the first Wednesday in February gets closer would also be appreciated. But we're looking for someone that can at least ride out this academic year with us.

Shoot an email to with a resume and a brief statement as to why we should select you to eat and drink for free in the media room at games the rest of the season. If you're a long time reader you should know our voice, but were looking for someone that can cover what actually happened on the court and not just put up .gif's of flaming dumpsters after bad losses. Don't worry, we'll give you space for flaming .gif dumpsters when necessary however.

Gracias, friends.