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Protect Your Unit, Week 13 Picks: Silly Saturday

I-AA tune-up games aren't just for September anymore.

Scott Cunningham

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

The Worldwide Leader loves to give monikers like "Showdown Saturday" or "Statement Saturday" to certain game days, based on who's playing and what's at stake. But since the NCAA went to a 12-game regular season a few years ago, mid-November has turned into a wasteland of non-conference mismatches, at least in the south. They should call this Silly Saturday:

Chattanooga-Alabama, Georgia Southern-Florida, Citadel-Clemson, Alabama A&M-Georgia Tech, Coastal Carolina-South Carolina, Idaho-Florida State, Old Dominion-North Carolina.

Few important conference games take place in mid-November, because most of the big rivalry games are the week after, or schools take a strategic week off in consideration of a conference championship game. Throw in duds like Kentucky-Georgia, Indiana-Ohio State, and Kansas-Iowa State, and there is a whole lot of uninteresting football going on this weekend.

Still, the job of the degenerate is to find edges wherever they can be found. Here who you like so far:

As I write this on Thursday night, only five people have submitted picks. Remember, you're allotted two bye weeks. No one would blame you.


  • ulismyhothotsex: $38 on Memphis +24.5 over Louisville, Northern Illinois -2.5 over Toledo

You know the drill by now: submit your picks via the website, submit your parlays via email, you have until one hour before kickoff, blah blah blah. I put some rules reminders in Monday's Week 12 results post, so check that if you have questions, or just ask me. Happy picking!