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Bull-ogopshere: USF-Providence Recap, NCAA Football Rule Change Proposals, Big East TV Update, Etc.

All the USF news that's fit to print, leading off with last night's latest basketball debacle.

Andre Davis wearing USF's all-green uniform, which may be disallowed by the NCAA soon.
Andre Davis wearing USF's all-green uniform, which may be disallowed by the NCAA soon.

Another USF basketball game went down that we're just too bummed out to recap ourselves, so today's Bull-ogosphere leads off with someone else's coverage.


USF blows big lead against Providence | Tampa Bay Times

Greg Auman's recap of last night's game. Collin was at the Sun Dome and sat there totally dumbfounded as the game completely turned around after halftime. To be up by 11 at the half, and then promptly give up a 23-2 run with a bunch of open shots and dunks, while USF struggled to even get scoring chances... just stunning.

I said this after Saturday afternoon's game, but I'm more convinced than ever that the Bulls are not going to win another game this year. When the effort flags, like it did in the second half last night, they can lose to the majority of Division I and everyone in the Big East, including DePaul. We knew this team would take a step back this year, but there's no excuse for taking this many steps back.


NCAA's football rules group recommends ejections for targeting, other changes -

The big headlines are for the rule change that would automatically eject players for targeting defenseless opponents with hits above the neck. Then there's the perhaps ill-advised proposal to require at least three seconds on the clock for the offense to spike the ball. But for USF, the rule about uniforms will have an impact. One of the proposals requires teams to wear uniforms where either the pants or jerseys are not the same color as the field.

It's obviously a proposal aimed at Boise State, However, USF has predominantly worn green jerseys and green pants at home almost since the beginning of the program, and they've recently added green helmets to that combination. The rule would force them to wear white or gold pants with their green jerseys. (Fine with me -- white helmets, green jerseys, and white pants are their best combination anyway.)

Of course, there's another option available for Boise State to get around the rule:


AP News: AP source: Big East moving on NBC Sports Net deal

Looks like the conference is going to go with the paltry offer NBC Sports Network made to them. The money is lousy, but there's plenty of room on the network's calendar, so you should still be able to see a number of games on national TV. For those of you like me, who don't live anywhere near Tampa, the second-tier broadcast rights are something to keep an eye on. Will there be games on regional sports channels? Will games be available in online streams? That part has not been determined.


For USF Bulls, Willie's World is one big rush |

Martin Fennelly managed to get onto Bill McGillis's Willie Taggart's calendar for a profile.


Finally, if you're going to Saturday's women's basketball game, you'll get to see the key player on USF's only NCAA Tournament team honored: