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USF Basketball To Play In Las Vegas Classic Tournament In December; Christmas Either Saved Or Ruined

Translation: We're heading to Vegas for Christmas!

David Becker

Sure it's only the middle of March, but it's never too early to make plans for the holidays. For those of you who want to avoid loud, pushy relatives you never see, asking when you're going to settle down and meet a nice girl, USF basketball presents you with a fantastic alternative this year:

USF men's basketball will play in the Las Vegas Classic next season on Dec. 22-23, playing two games at Orleans Arena after hosting two games against Florida Gulf Coast and Florida A&M in the Sun Dome as part of the event, promoter Chris Spencer said Friday.

USF's exact opponents in Las Vegas haven't been announced, but the Bulls will play two games against UNLV, Mississippi State or Santa Clara, the other three "host" schools in the event.

There's a 100% chance that at least one of us will be there providing live coverage. Stay tuned for details on a potential reader travel package for those of you who have nothing better to do* than spend Christmas in Sin City.

* NOTE: The Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl is not better than Vegas. Even if USF plays in it.