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The "USF Things" Bracket - Vote Now In The Final 8 Round

Which USF Things will make it to next week's Final Four? It's up to you to decide.

There are only eight items left in the "USF Things" Bracket, and now it's time to get us down to our final four. Two people, two places, two things, and two sporting events will face off today, and your votes will decide who advances to next week's final rounds.

Let's recap yesterday's Sweet 16 results:

(4) Matt Grothe def. (1) Judy Genshaft, 61%
(7) Lee Roy Selmon def. (3) Jim Leavitt, 52%

A bit of an upset as USF's president is knocked off. Lee Roy's narrow margin of victory was also a surprise, but he advances nonetheless.

(4) Sun Dome def. (1) Marshall Center, 61%
(2) Copper Top/CDB def. (3) Mr Dunderbak's, 59%

This result proves that the definitive USF bar is Copper Top, and of course this will never change ever ever ever. (I still say that if there had been a tournament like this 10 years ago, The Greenery would have laid waste to everyone.)

(4) Night Game Tailgates def. (8) Campus Squirrels, 56%
(11) Rocky D. Bull def. (10) The Oracle, 83%

Rocky continues racking up convincing wins, proving my stupidity in seeding him so low. Sorry to see the campus squirrels go. They had a nice run.

(4) USF-Florida State 2009 def. (1) 64-12, 58%
(3) USF-West Virginia 2007 def. (2) USF-Notre Dame 2011, 73%

Another upset here, as the only game where I didn't need to name the two teams that played in it is knocked out.

Remember, this is the last round of voting that we'll do this week. The final two rounds will have two days of voting apiece -- Monday and Tuesday for the Final Four, then Wednesday and Thursday for the championship.

Here are your Final 8 matchups. Make your voice heard!