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#ALLTHETRANSFERS: Ex-Arkansas QB/WR Brandon Mitchell Considering USF

Former Arkansas QB/WR Brandon Mitchell is transferring and has USF on his list of possible destinations. He's also on track to graduate and could be eligible to play in 2013. Is the third time the charm for the Bulls?

Brandon Mitchell from last month's Arkansas Spring Game. Looks good in green!
Brandon Mitchell from last month's Arkansas Spring Game. Looks good in green!
Wesley Hitt

Former Arkansas QB/WR Brandon Mitchell is transferring and considering a move to USF, according to Joe Schad. Mitchell is on track to graduate this summer, and will use the NCAA's graduate transfer exemption to become immediately eligible to play in 2013. (Three other Arkansas players are also transferring, if you're interested.)

Along with USF, Mitchell has listed NC State, UAB, Louisiana Tech (hi Skip!), and Northwestern State, an FCS school.

In a word, Mitchell is a house. He measures 6'4" tall and weighs 236 pounds. (Look at that photo! GUNS). In spot duty over the past three seasons, Mitchell has completed 25 of 43 passes for 332 yards and two touchdowns. The versatile and athletic Mitchell played most of last season at WR, catching 17 passes for 272 yards. He also threw a touchdown on a reverse pass against Auburn.

Most of Mitchell's time under center was in 2011, in Bobby Petrino's spread-ish offense, so he might also be a good fit for USF with Willie Taggart bringing in a more pro-style attack. However, former Arkansas assistant Garrick McGee is now the head coach at UAB, and Schad says the two have a close relationship, so perhaps that tamps down USF's chances at landing Mitchell.

Last season, with Tyler Wilson entrenched as Arkansas' starting quarterback, Mitchell moved to wide receiver. After Bret Bielema arrived in December, Mitchell moved back to quarterback and played there in Arkansas' spring game. However, Mitchell apparently had trouble with the new coach's offensive terminology, and lost out on the starting job.

Mitchell also was suspended for four games in 2012 for a violation of team rules. Must've been a biggie because four games is a long punishment for a team rules violation.

This is the third graduate-transfer passer who has considered USF this spring. Ex-FSU backup Clint Trickett listed USF but ended up choosing West Virginia. Ex-Penn Stater Steven Bench is also interested in USF, but added NC State to his wish list today.

The concerning part of these potential transfers is that it seems like Willie Taggart isn't confident in his present quarterback situation. Is Taggart so not sold on Matt Floyd or Bobby Eveld running his offense that he put out an APB for anyone who can play this year? Or does Taggart just want to bring in his own guy?