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Protect Your Unit Week 7 Picks Thread: Sequel Time

Will this weekend's storylines be more like Terminator 2, or Robocop 2?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The story of last weekend was, of course, the rise of Mississippi and Mississippi State. But in the rugged SEC, those two teams already have huge new obstacles to clear. Ole Miss travels to Texas A&M, while State goes to Auburn, who somehow snuck up to #2 while no one was looking.

The situation reminds me of the anticipation of a forthcoming movie sequel. The original story was amazing, but can the sequel live up to the standard? For every Godfather Part II, Empire Strikes Back or Toy Story 2, there are a dozen Speed 2, Hangover Part 2, and Caddyshack 2s that should have left well enough alone.

Will the Magnolia State's dream season come to an end? Of course not - it's the SEC, where even two losses might not eliminate you. Which means there could be a Part 3 in the near future. That's Hollywood executives for ya: always keeping the door open for another profitable installment.

Let's see who you picked:

Can South Florida turn its plodding franchise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture into Wrath of Khan? Or will East Carolina score more touchdowns than there are Pirates of the Caribbean sequels? Will sequel-in-name-only Cincinnati-Miami II be as entertaining as the original? Can BYU produce a quality picture without star Taysom Hill, or will their trip to UCF be worse than the Jim Carrey-less The Mask 2? Can Memphis continue to produce surprisingly good entertainment, or will Houston turn their franchise into Blair Witch 2? Will the Tulsa-Temple game be worse than Rocky V? Will more people watch UConn-Tulane than watched Troll 2? Until next time at the movies, good night, and enjoy the popcorn.