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V5 Group of Five Poll, Week Two


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The poll's gonna look a little different this week, as Andrew and I both submitted ballots and tallied up the votes to make a V5 superpoll. The finished product is below, along with the final SB Nation poll here.

1. BYU (30)
2. Northern Illinois (24)
3 (tie). Marshall (23)
3 (tie). East Carolina (23)
5. Nevada (18)
6. Navy (16)
7 (tie). C. Florida (13)
7 (tie). UTSA (13)
9. Central Michigan (12)
10. Cincinnati (11)
11. Boise State (9)
12 (tie). Memphis (8)
12 (tie). Temple (8)
12 (tie). San Diego State (8)
15. North Texas (7)

Also receiving votes: Wyoming (5), Ball State (3), UTEP (3), Army (2), Colorado State (2), Houston (1), South Alabama (1)

- BYU is our unanimous number one, which makes sense after they totally pantsed Charlie Strong and Texas on Saturday.

- Andrew and I didn't agree on a few teams: only he ranked Central Michigan, Temple and North Texas, and only I ranked C. Florida, Cincinnati, Boise and San Diego State. That meant the the teams we both agreed on got a huge rankings bump-- Northern Illinois, Nevada and Navy in particular really benefitted from this.

- Shout out to East Carolina, the new AAC leader in this poll. The Pirates hung tough with South Carolina till the end on Saturday and benefitted from Cincinnati having yet to play a game. Seriously, how is that possible?

- MEMPHIS RISING. I warned you once. I warned you twice. I warned you thrice. I reminded you that I warned you a fourth time. And then the Tigers went and almost beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl. When the Memphis Rapture occurs and I am carried off to Memphis Football Elysium, you're all gonna feel really silly for not listening.