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Big XII Expansion, As Predicted By Tacos

Not sure who the Big XII will add to their league? Follow the tacos.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Big XII expansion talk is everywhere. No one's sure who the league is interested in, or if they're interested in expanding at all. But here at TDS, we think we've cracked the case.

Once upon a time, a restaurant opened on West Berry Street in Fort Worth, right down the street from TCU, named Fuzzy's Taco Shop. (I am a regular patron. Get the fish tacos.) For almost a decade, that was the only location. Then in the late 2000s, as TCU grads moved to other cities after college, or folks from other nearby schools stopped by, Fuzzy's began to expand.

At first they stayed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Then they started branching out. As the chain grew, among the new locations were a couple of Fuzzy's in Austin. Then came one in Norman, another in Stillwater, and then more in LawrenceManhattan, and Lubbock, and one coming soon in Waco.

What do all those cities have in common, besides delicious baja tacos, beer, and frozen margaritas?

Fuzzy's is in 8 of 10 Big XII cities (9 if you count the one in Ankeny, Iowa, as belonging to Iowa State). Only Morgantown is left for this taco empire to conquer.

So then, if the Big XII is looking to expand, not having a Fuzzy's nearby is almost always a deal-breaker. Let's run down the list of candidates and see where they stand:

So there you have it. The Big XII will add Houston, USF, UCF, and Colorado State to build a 14-team taco league. And if West Virginia doesn't like their travel partner arrangement, then they should have gotten Cincinnati a Fuzzy's.


P.S. If anyone from Fuzzy's is reading this, please send me free tacos.