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Only Ryan Hintze Days Until USF Football Season

The second #80 on USF's roster is also The Most Interesting Man In USF Football.

You might not know USF's other #80 from his play on the field yet, but you very well might if you're on social media. USF's potential third-string tight end is taking advantage of every opportunity college has to offer, and he's an emerging mogul in more than one industry.

#80 TE Ryan Hintze
Redshirt Sophomore, 6'6", 235 lbs.

2015 Stats: Redshirted.

Position on Depth Chart: Not listed on post-Spring depth chart, but figures to be in the mix for the third-string TE spot behind Elkanah Dillon and Mitchell Wilcox.

Why He's The Most Interesting Man At USF: Let's start with his business acumen: he runs multiple social media accounts including @amazingvines (106K followers) and the must-follow-for-all-Bulls @USFProblems (28K followers) through his company Hintze Media. A lot of guys played on their high school football team, but not many designed the team website too.

And then there's the modeling. Bring the sexy, you tight-end-in-more-ways-than-one:

Ryan has a modeling contract with Elite Modeling Management Miami. His personal website lists him at 6'5, 236 lbs, and a Size 16 (!!) shoe. Basically he is the guy that can steal your girlfriend whenever the hell he wants, but chooses not to because he was raised properly. Men want to be him, and women want to be near him. His inevitable rise in the tech business and modeling will be as square as his jaw. We're jealous just writing this.

We always root for the guys that have more going on than just football. That are using sports and college to advance their future careers in some capacity. Ryan certainly is that guy, and we look forward to watching him develop professionally as well as athletically.

Recruiting Rankings: Ryan wasn't listed by any of the services that we can find, and was a walk-on at USF.

Projected Playing Time: He'll likely get on the field this year, but he'll be behind two behemoths in Elkanah Dillon and Mitchell Wilcox.

Follow Him On: @RyanHintze on Twitter, where he's got over 7,000 followers, and on Instagram @RyanHintze where he has nearly 28,000. Including your girlfriend probably.