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USF Passes Note to Big XII, OMG Will They Check Yes or No??

My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw USF pass out at 31 Flavors last night! I guess it's pretty serious.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

USF President Dr. Judy Genshaft, Athletic Director Mark Harlan, and Board of Trustees Chair Brian Lamb totally passed a note in homeroom to the dreamy Big XII Conference that sits on the other side of the class on July 29.

The letter was intercepted by Joey Knight of Zephyrhills High School, who totally posted it in the boys bathroom today. But TL:DR they totally asked to go steady!

An ambitious institution, USF has rapidly claimed its place on the national stage through an unrelenting focus on achievement, starting with the high expectations set by our university leadership and persisting at every level of our institution. From our top 25 public university research rankings to the success of an increasingly diverse student body, our pursuit of excellence is the engine that keeps USF moving further, faster.

"Do you think I’m cute?"

Our 19-team athletic program recently posted a record-point total in the Learfield Sports ranking among the top two in our conference for the second~straight year. Nine of our programs qualified for NCAA post-season competition in 2015-16, including our young football program, which recently reached its seventh bowl game competing at the FBS level.

"I’m totally going to a good college. It’s like... awesome."

As you continue your conversation raising the Big 12 to further heights of national prominence, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss our goals and ambitions.

"If you want to talk about it, like, I’m totally here whenever! Just call me!"

So here’s what we know: basically USF had to make a formal request the Big XII to continue the inquiry process. That’s all this letter is. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is NOT USF’s formal presentation to either the Big XII directly, or to Bevilacqua Helfant Ventures & Navigate Research, the two firms retained by the conference regarding expansion. It’s just a form letter, and one USF likely knew would get FOIA’ed, so they threw some happy facts in there too.

Eventually USF will make their case directly to both the research firms as well as the league. But they couldn’t get there unless they petitioned formally, and that’s why we have a letter.

So try not to freak out about this. Everything today is the same as it was yesterday: USF is doing everything it can in terms of Big XII membership, and will continue to do so in total stealth mode.