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Facebook Live: USF OCS Feasibility Study Edition

Collin and Nate discuss the feasibility study and decide if this project is... you know... feasible.

Live from Felicitous coffee shop in Tampa, Collin and Nate discuss today's USF on-campus stadium feasibility study, plus some other stuff. Topics include:

  • 20 seconds of technology chaos right off the top, FIRE EVERYONE
  • ice cubes made of coffee
  • this stadium is nice, but how is USF possibly going to pay for this?
  • how long will it take to get this stadium built, really?
  • no one has ever been to the Botanical Garden
  • naming rights
  • a cost comparison to other recent OCS projects
  • how to finance a project this big
  • a rant about how USF has to pay rent to the Bucs to play in a stadium the Bucs were given for free
  • the level of quality USF fans will expect in a stadium after playing in an NFL facility for 20 years
  • Nate’s observations from USF football practices
  • Darius Tice is going to beast this year
  • Evelyne Viens is really, really good at soccer

Watch the video below:

Collin and Nate discuss the USF Stadium Planning Study live from Felicitous Coffee next to campus.

Posted by The Daily Stampede - For USF Fans on Tuesday, August 8, 2017