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The Bulluminati Podcast: A Chat with Mike Aresco

Collin sits down with the Commish of The American to talk #AmericanPow6r

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Collin Sherwin is back with another special guest in Mohegan Sun Arena at the American Athletic Conference Championships. This time it’s conference commissioner Mike Aresco for a Bulluminati Special just ahead of the AAC Women’s Final.

They go one-on-one in a candid conversation where they discuss a certain other Athletic Director’s remarks on the #AmericanPow6r campaign, the success of these conference championship events, the state of the league across all sports, the accomplishments of the conference and garnering major national attention, and what to look forward to in the future.

And true to his form, Aresco holds nothing back, answering questions about the possibility of putting the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments in the same building at the same time, reports of the AAC’s Director of Football Officiating being removed, and what a successful media deal in 2020 might look like in terms of coverage of Olympic sports.

They also talk about avoiding this crazy nor’easter and traveling back to Florida in time for the men’s basketball conference tournament. This is a great listen for all fans of the American Athletic Conference and it’s member institutions in keeping up with the state of the conference.

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