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USF, Tampa Bay Entertainment Properties Announce Sun Dome Will be Renamed Yuengling Center Effective July 1

The Foam Dome is here to stay.

Nathan Bond/The Daily Stampede

The University of South Florida in partnership with Tampa Bay Entertainment Properties announced Tuesday afternoon that they have agreed to terms with D.G. Yuenling & Son, Inc to rename the USF Sun Dome to the Yuengling Center, effective July 1.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the naming rights agreement will last at least ten years. People I’ve spoken to say the deal is “very competitive” with the seven-year, $3.94 million agreement UCF signed with CFE Federal Credit Union in 2013.

A major sticking point in getting this deal done were concerns regarding having a beer company sponsor an on-campus building. In an effort to mitigate those concerns, TBEP and Yuengling have partnered to help establish smart and safe drinking practices across campus and in the community.

The ride-sharing service, Lyft, will provide $5 off codes for students to utilize during the summer between 5:00 p.m. Friday and 4:00 a.m. Saturday to help curtail drinking-and-driving.

Yuengling Center will also host various events during orientation and Week of Welcome including the Freshman Photo and Pep Rally, Bulls Night Out Comedy Show, and the USF Homecoming Comedy Show and Concert, all of which will be alcohol-free events.

Be ready to #TapTheKeg and #DefendTheFoamDome this year.