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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Emergency Skypecast Edition

AD Mark Harlan is headed west, so what’s next for the Green & Gold? We have answers and rampant speculation!

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Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Jamie DeVriend are back at it again on this emergency skypecast edition of the Bulluminati Podcast right off the heels of the recent news that Mark Harlan is headed west to take the AD position at Utah.

Collin starts it off with an informative monologue on the details he has gathered since the announcement and what to expect in the upcoming weeks. He states the possible candidates, the pros and cons (mostly pros) of each one, the speculation on the timing of Harlan’s departure, the department’s prior knowledge and why this is a win for both parties.

We ask Collin our questions as we are hearing this for the first time and also take your #AskTDS questions on this matter and elaborate on what we believe the future of the athletics department will be.

Since it’s been a couple weeks, we also dive into the most recent topics around USF Athletics like the Bulls opening game loss in the DeLand Regional to Oklahoma State, the non-bid to host, the state of the department as a whole, and Jamie goes on a Women’s Basketball conference scheduling rant and we’re here for this!

We also go off the rails a bit and discuss the great idea that is Conference USA basketball scheduling, Scottish Soccer Scheduling and the American Athletic Conference moving their offices to beautiful Dallas, TX. #RIPClamBake

To conclude, Nate, Jamie and Collin honor the greatest SID in program history, Mike Radomski, discussing their favorite stories and the announcement of USF Athletics’ Michael J. Radomski Memorial Scholarship.

His kindness and passion for USF Athletics is missed everyday and this scholarship is a great way to commemorate him and help others like him. If you can, we strongly encourage you to support this fund by donating or spreading the news. #RockThePlanet

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