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A Closer Look at the Unveiling of USF Football’s Home Adidas Uniforms

Love it or hate it, these are the new Bulls home threads.


If you are active on social media this weekend, you were taken on a bit of a wild ride pertaining to USF’s new Adidas football uniforms.

Ahead of the American Athletic Conference’s Media Day, USF decided to engage the fanbase in a bit of a tease to what the new digs could look like. They posted this on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts on Saturday, which got more than a few people talking.

This image itself brought a wave of discussions on the topic of football uniforms both past and present, mostly that the gold chrome Schutt helmets are here to stay. Also, am I the only one that thought these might be some sort of darker green chrome? The lighting threw me off a bit.

With anticipation at it’s highest, USF’s social media released this hype video of Mitchell Wilcox modeling the new home greens on Sunday.

This confirmed the gold chrome helmet is here to stay and Adidas unveiled USF’s full green jerseys in all their splendor, with their prototypical patterning across the chest and thigh.

The iconic-U is emblazoned in gold chrome on both shoulders and also on the pant. Additionally, “BULLS” is on the outer thigh in the same gold chrome.

The most controversial part, at least if you believe social media, is what is on the front. Below the American Athletic Conference “A” and Adidas three-stripe symbol is labeled “SOUTH FLORIDA” in gold chrome just above the numbers.

After the video, still images of Wilcox were released.

This is a major change from previous uniforms and campus wide branding initiatives to push the USF over South Florida image.

Although just nomenclature, this tends to be a divisive detail in the school’s history. USF could be University of San Fransisco or University of Sioux Falls. South Florida can be Miami. Most intelligent people know why the University is named such, everyone else is just a troll, but still it’s important to have a vision and stick to it one way or another.

Although, I’m going to laugh from here to Busch Gardens if the away whites say “USF” on the front.

Coach seems to dig the new digs, or at least whoever runs his twitter account.

What’s interesting is both of the most recent Under Armour redesigns unveiled the entire color palette for USF Football, whereas the switch to Adidas only shows us the home greens that will be used in USF’s Sept. 1 home opener against Elon.

It is not officially known what the away whites or other alternates will look like. If you’re looking for a better look at the uniforms, the USF Football Instagram Story has Kirk Livingstone, Ronnie Hoggins, Tyre McCants and Eric Mayes wearing their jerseys.

So what say you Bulls fans? What do you like or hate about the new jerseys?


What is your initial reaction to the new threads?

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