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The Bulluminati Podcast: The American Rising Edition

The hardest blogs in America come together for an American Pow6rcast

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Welcome to the American Rising Edition of The Bulluminati Podcast, recorded live from AAC Media Days in Providence, Rhode Island fresh off the clambake!

Collin Sherwin and Nathan Bond are joined by Aman Kidwai from The UConn Blog, J.P. Gooderham from Fear the Wave, Richard Johnson from the mothership SB Nation, and Hali Oughton from the American Athletic Conference.

In this edition we tackle some of the hard hitting questions like:

  • Which AAC school would you attend outside of the one you did?
  • What’s the best or most iconic food in each city?
  • Is Tulane primed for a breakthrough season after being inches away from a Bowl game?
  • Is a program like Kansas a step down for a Head Coach than some programs in this conference, money aside.
  • What are your predictions for the AAC East and #AACWestworld and who wins the conference?

This is a great podcast for #content amongst our peer blogs. If there’s one thing about this conference, the media and bloggers are definitely #Pow6r. There will be plenty more audio and podcasts coming over the next few days from media days, so it’s a good idea to subscribe to get those uploads instantly.

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