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The Bulluminati Podcast: Inaugural Interview with Michael Kelly

The VP of Athletics sits down with Nate and Collin to talk USF shop at AAC Media Days

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Nathan Bond/The Daily Stampede

New Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly sits down with the Collin and Nathan at AAC Media Days for the first time since his appointment to the position. Even though he doesn’t start until August, it’s been clear Kelly has explored the pulse of USF Athletics and its fans; including following all of us on Twitter and Instagram.

Kelly discusses his initial outreach since his opening press conference and what his first quarter in the job could look like; between engaging the fan base and donors, the city of Tampa , and the community.

The guys discuss the changes on campus and the program since Kelly’s last job with USF, his assessment of the program, and his long term development strategy. Kelly also answers some of your Facebook and Twitter questions about expectations for USF Athletics in the future.

This is an open an honest interview with the new VP of Athletics and it’s a great look into what to expect from the new regime coming in the fall.

******SPOILERS: It’s pretty exciting, Kelly knows what he’s doing.******

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