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USF Football Preseason Camp Report: 8/14

“Embrace the suck.”

It was the eleventh practice of preseason camp for the USF football team on a cloudy and humid Tuesday at the Frank Morsani Football Complex.

While we didn’t get a glance at any major action, here’s what stood out:

  • Upon entering practice, we immediately noticed head coach Charlie Strong and assistants cracking down on penalties. The offense and/or defense appeared to be doing five up-downs every time a penalty was committed. It’s something to keep an eye on as penalties plagued the Bulls many times in 2017.
  • TE Mitchell Wilcox was not in pads for a second straight practice. The Mackey Award Watchlist tight end was observing for most of the day.
  • QB Brett Kean had a long 25-yard touchdown throw to freshman Terrence Horne Jr. in an 11 vs 11 drill.

Following practice, assembled media was able to speak with running backs coach Shaun King, RB Jordan Cronkrite, RB Trevon Sands and RB Elijah Mack.

King provided some insightful commentary, and even hinted at using a running back committee as opposed to naming one starter.

“The word starter doesn’t even exist in our room, at some point a lot of those guys are going to play this year,” King said. “The characteristics of a really good program, a program that’s becoming a consistently elite program is when you have a lot of competition. And that’s what we have in the running back room.”

King on UF transfer, Cronkite. “He approaches it the right way and does the right things on and off the field. I’m excited to see him contribute along with the rest of those guys.”

After sitting out last season, Cronkite will see his first action in the green and gold. “It’s a great feeling, I’m locked in mentally.”

Sophomore RB Mack talked about “embracing the suck” and his special teams performance.

“It’s going to be a lot of hard work and pain... we’ve got to embrace the suck. I’m trying to go out there and grind and be the best I can be,” Mack said. “The biggest thing I can take away from this camp is how we’ve grown as a team.”

Junior RB Trevon Sands on the depth of the running back core. “Overall, we are all just grinding right now. We have eight great running backs on this team and we are putting in the work.”

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