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USF Football Preseason Camp Report 8/21

“No one has even said ‘set, hut’ yet.”

Anthony Vito/The Daily Stampede

Excitement surrounds the University of South Florida as students return to campus and classes begin anew. Not only that, but just 11 days from now the Bulls’ season kicks off at Raymond James Stadium. Today they took to the practice fields at the Frank Morsani Football Complex for one of two remaining practices open to the media.

Lets dive in.

Who’s rehabbing?

  • OL Jeremiah Stafford
  • LB Andre Polk
  • TE Frederick Lloyd

In addition to those nursing injuries, tight end Mitchell Wilcox practiced, but was in a non-contact jersey for a second straight day. This is still a major upgrade as Wilcox was kept out of practice all of last week. We’ll keep you posted whenever we get an update on these injuries.

Who’s QB1?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Yeah, well, we would too, but according to offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert no signal caller has that title just yet.

“Those guys have been steady,” Gilbert said. “They’ve been what we want them to be and who we want them to be. They’ve been competitive the whole time and led some good drives. There’s still 11 days and there’s still a lot of work with those guys and the direction we want those guys to go.”

Heading into the week of the first game, Gilbert said it’s not necessarily vital that the QB be named by Monday.

“Not necessarily, we’ll just kind of see how tomorrow goes with the scrimmage and we’ll make decisions from there. But, we’ve got a little bit of time and whatever situation or scenario that’s going to help us win against Elon is what we’re going to do.”

Gilbert continued, praising all three quarterbacks gunning for the number one spot.

“All three of those guys can play. That’s the thing. You’re dealing with a dynamic that not many people have been in or been around where all three of those guys are capable of playing. We’re just excited about those three guys.”

Gilbert isn’t concerned with preseason rankings

Sterlin Gilbert is so not concerned with the AP’s preseason top 25 that he didn’t even know the rankings had been released.

Gilbert is of the opinion (and I agree) that preseason rankings are meaningless until teams go out there and play.

“They’re preseason rankings,” Gilbert said. “No one has even said, ‘set, hut’ yet. There’s not a win/loss out there. All it is is preseason hype and talk. What we’re excited about is just getting out on the field.”

Additional notes

  • Aussie punter Trent Scheider is still launching punts into orbit and we can certainly expect a couple #FORTHEBRAND moments from him this season.
  • Those back to receive those punts as they re-entered earth’s atmosphere today were DB Bentlee Sanders, RB Johnny Ford, and WR Tyre McCants.
  • Michigan transfer, wide receiver Eddie McDoom, was not yet practicing with the team. The first week of classes is a busy one and it is to be expected that the speedy receiver is getting things on the academic side straightened out before he suits up. McDoom will have plenty of time to learn the offense due to eligibility rules forcing him to sit out this season.

Gilbert confirmed that USF will have another scrimmage tomorrow evening, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest.