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Protect Your Unit: Introducing The Gambletron 2000!

We also update after Week 0

(This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Week 0 of the college football season is complete. Despite there being only four games, involving only minor teams, there’s already some fake betting action to report on.

To reiterate: all the games between August 25 and Labor Day count as Week 1. So there’s no end-of-week report here, just an update of wagers made so far. Which were:

BullsOnParade96 Wyoming -3.5 points over New Mexico State Wyoming 29-7 100.00 90.91
ElliotMoore New Mexico State +165.0 money line to beat Wyoming Wyoming 29-7 40.00 -40.00
Gibbsak New Mexico State +160.0 money line to beat Wyoming Wyoming 29-7 5.00 -5.00
GaryStephen Massachusetts -20.5 points over Duquesne
Rice -19.0 points over Prairie View A&M
Massachusetts 63-15
Rice 31-28
20.00 -20
ULhothot Hawaii +17.0 points over Colorado State
Wyoming -3.5 points over New Mexico State
Hawaii 43-34
Wyoming 29-7
25.00 65.00

BullsOnParade96 (1090.91) and ULhothot (1065.00) are thus the first leaders of the season. GibbsAK (995), GaryStephen (980) and ElliotMoore (960) took small losses. And yes, I lost a parlay because Prairie View covered. Try to top that for Degenerate Bet of the Week. I dare ya. But see below.

Speaking of parlays: hey, we have a Parlay button now! You can log into the site, select a combination of 2 to 3 point spread and over/under wagers, and the Parlay button will be active. Click it, then enter your desired bet amount, and you will have placed a parlay wager! Pays 2.6 to 1 for two-bet parlays, and 6 to 1 for three-bet parlays.

And, that’s not even our best new feature! Introducing: the Gambletron 2000.

In our on-going quest to make PYU the most realistic sports gambling game out there, we are now adding incentive lines. Real sports books will occasionally offer more favorable payoffs to incentivize action on certain games or lines. Traditionally, PYU has only offered standard -110 (bet $110 to win $100) lines. Starting now, one randomly selected point spread will be offered at -102. Meaning, you only have to bet $102 to win $100. (Put another way: a $100 bet at -110 pays $90.91, while a $100 bet at -102 pays $98.04.) It’s a random team, but if you win, you’ll get a greater reward.

Only one point spread is offered. It is selected at random from games not involving South Florida, Central Florida, Florida, or Florida State. These are by far PYU’s most wagered-upon teams, so we’re trying to drive action on other schools. (Miami, FAU, and FIU may appear in this offering.)

The offering is changed every 60-120 minutes. So you can’t get a new offering by clicking Refresh. But you can check back later in the day.

To play, just go to the new Gambletron 2000 page, and view the offered line. If you want to bet it, enter an amount, and click Submit Gamble. Your list of wagers (when I get it working on the new site) will include it, with a designation that the payoff is -102.

The PYU website is operational, but some systems may be offline. Much like the USS Enterprise in Star Trek V. I hope to have everything done by Friday. Drop me a line of something doesn’t look right. And thanks to those of you who did testing so far.

It’s not too late to join this season’s competition if you’d like! Send an email to for information.