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Protect Your Unit Week 3 Results

When your team wins, but not by enough.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to find a story in each week’s fake betting results.

This is not one of those times.

The USF-Illinois outcome just wrecked everyone this week. In fact, it may be the most damaging game result of all time. More fake money for me, your friendly local fake gambling house!

There were 17 single bets on USF-Illinois. They all lost, except for BullsOnParade who took USF to win outright at -385, and one bet that was part of a split. Our players lost a net total of $693.85 on straight wagers. But the real carnage was in parlays:

anthonyvito Over 64.5 points in the Boise State-Oklahoma State game; Over 58.5 points in the South Florida-Illinois game; Over 68.5 points in the Houston-Texas Tech game (WIN,LOSS,WIN) Oklahoma State 44-21; South Florida 25-19; Texas Tech 63-49 50
BullsOnParade96 South Florida -10.0 points over Illinois; Temple +16.0 points over Maryland; Miami (FL) -10.0 points over Toledo (LOSS,WIN,WIN) 100
BullsOnParade96 Miami (FL) -10.0 points over Toledo; South Florida -10.0 points over Illinois (WIN,LOSS) 50
McIntyre2K7 South Florida -9.0 points over Illinois; Central Florida -12.5 points over North Carolina; Memphis -24.0 points over Georgia State (LOSS,VOID,WIN) 130.54
McIntyre2K7 Over 59.0 points in the South Florida-Illinois game; Over 56.5 points in the Miami (FL)-Toledo game; Over 58.5 points in the Georgia State-Memphis game (LOSS,WIN,WIN) 40
McIntyre2K7 Over 58.5 points in the Georgia State-Memphis game; Over 59.0 points in the South Florida-Illinois game (WIN,LOSS) 30
Snafu13 Central Florida -12.5 points over North Carolina; South Florida -9.0 points over Illinois (VOID,LOSS) 25

That’s seven parlays, all of which would have won except for the USF-Illinois result. The Bulls failed to cover the point spread, and the final score was under rather than over. These bets lost $425.24, instead of winning $1674.08. A swing of $2000 fake dollars. Ouch. I wonder how many of you were rooting for a pick-six on the last play of the game.

Also, GibbsAK and dsidwell31 had parlays busted by Florida State’s bad showing at Syracuse. But it’s not all doom and gloom; we had some nice wins come in:

  • First-year player E-dogg42 hit two parlays: Miami/Arkansas State/Central Florida and Washington/Georgia Southern-Clemson over/Arkansas State-Tulsa under. The UCF game was cancelled, so by rule that game is removed from first the parlay, which now pays 2.6 to 1 as a winning 2-bet parlay. The net gain for both parlays is $560 fake dollars total. Nicely done.
  • LrdNorman hit on Miami and Penn State for $85.46.
  • Frequent parlayer ULhothot won $65 on Virginia and Memphis. I wonder if anyone parlayed the Squires and Sounds in the 1970s ABA. Did you know Julius “Dr. J” Erving and George “Iceman” Gervin once played on the same team? It’s true, the Virginia Squires in 1972-73. They went 42-42, so I’m guessing defense wasn’t their thing. Bet the over.
  • jrjs, another new player, hit two small parlays betting overs.

Also, we had a lot of nice money line hits: GibbsAK (San Diego State +195), jrjs (Duke +210), LrdNorman (North Texas +235), gym399 (LSU +285, Pitt +175), McIntyre2K7 (Temple +600, Charlotte +120), defdans (Temple at +650), and myself (Akron +1100). A lot of you also had Syracuse at about +150. The PYU record underdog win is +2300, Kentucky over Louisville in 2016.


Player Total Week 3
E-dogg42 1708.38 514.79
mcgies852 1640.68 -292.27
BullsOnParade96 1474.99 -131.83
BrianMartin 1396.62 -132.04
Lrdnorman 1255.12 123.64
GaryStephen 1182.41 129.00
ULhothot 1139.50 -7.83
jrjs 1013.99 60.25
undercoverbull 1010.36 -96.79
HerdCountry941 1006.73 -26.00
carlzee 1000.27 21.82
ucscott 996.73 -3.27
andrewpina 980.62 0
jjlovecub 980.00 50.00
ElliotMoore 976.13 -143.12
McIntyre2K7 967.91 -214.64
mmmmsnouts 955.34 -41.02
Snafu13 911.09 -54.55
Gibbsak 906.38 -51.80
collin 865.21 0
Defdans 829.26 -90.00
gym399 735.18 -118.00
dsidwell31 679.55 -100.00
anthonyvito 623.57 -80.98

See how quickly standings can change? E-dogg42 had a huge week, while early leaders mcgies852, BullsOnParade96, and BrianMartin all took losses.

Since I’m still ironing out bugs here and there, all users are advised to check the Dashboard and make sure I have your totals down right. I’m sure the database is right, but the reporting may be wrong.

As I mentioned previously, the Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to those of you who bet on Memphis-Navy well after the game started. This game was erroneously offered in the Gambletron 2000. Cincinnati by 200 points? Why, you worthless hunk of junk... oh, and I’m still ironing out bugs with this. Apparently after all the week’s games are locked, it still doesn’t clear the last one. I will have that fixed by next week by adding a “no game available” option.

The Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to myself. I bet $1 on Kansas to cover the spread against Rutgers. I didn’t think they’d actually do it.

Week 4 gives us some important Pac-12 games: Stanford-Oregon, Arizona State-Washington, and Washington State-USC. TCU-Texas might be interesting. Conference play starts for most of our national contenders: Texas A&M-Alabama; Clemson-Georgia Tech; Georgia-Missouri. LSU hosts Louisiana Tech. Beating Miami and Auburn and then losing to Skip Holtz seems like something Ed Orgeron would do.

On Thursday night, Tulsa goes to Temple for a conference game; Navy-SMU and of course East Carolina-USF are also league games. Central Florida hosts FAU on Friday. Saturday games include Tulane-Ohio State, Ohio-Cincinnati, Connecticut-Syracuse, South Alabama-Memphis, and Texas Southern-Houston.

I will post first lines Sunday evening. The week doesn’t officially start until Tuesday, but as long as all of the week’s games are over, I will generally move ahead to the next week.