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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Newly Sponsored Edition

A wild QB appears! A victory against Elon, GT buzzing, and surprise branding.

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Elon v South Florida Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Welcome to the Bulluminati Podcast now sponsored by RP Electrical Solutions LLC! Help us welcome our newest partnership by visiting their Facebook page and considering them for all of your residential electrical needs. Welcome aboard!

We’re back at it again recording live at Collin’s South Tampa home with Collin, Nate, Senator Giggity, Vito and #Steegonthepodcast for the first time talking about corgi races and Africa by Toto.

First things first, we all have #opinions on the new academic branding logo and color scheme released today and spend exactly five minutes on it.

After that, we discuss the victory vs Elon at home. The huge coming out party for #AirBnb, the impact freshman and what the offense did right especially in the first half (Op Ed: Can we officially retire #HBDive?) We also discuss the second half and what playing the reserves means for the team moving forward.

Steeg and the guys then preview the big out-of-conference match-up vs. Georgia Tech, what playing defense against the “triple option” and similar offenses can look like, what to expect on Saturday, and what the offense needs to do to take advantage of their opportunities.

We also take your #AskTDS Facebook and Twitter questions and announce the winner to our weekly ticket drop giveaway (thanks Pablo Iglesias @thePabs20 for the generous gift!) Stay tuned to the Twitter (@StampedeSBN) and Facebook (The Daily Stampede - For USF Fans) for further information on the next ticket drop giveaway for all of the home games.

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