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The Bulluminati Podcast presented by Matrix Hormones: The dySFunCTion Finale Edition

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We bid adieu to UConn with USF’s first FBS victory since...last season’s UConn game.

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Welcome to the latest installment of the Bulluminati Podcast presented by Matrix Hormones (813-333-2226)! Fresh off analyzing film from the UConn game, Collin, Steeg, and Seth discuss what to expect from USF Football going into Homecoming.

  • 0:00: Intros and we talk about the win vs. UConn.
  • 18:00: We talk about the Homecoming game vs. BYU and what to expect schematically.
  • 41:42: We discuss social media presence in athletics.
  • 58:06: Olympic sports and slime green unis?
  • 1:06:05: Collin talks about why we are optimistic about basketball season.

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