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Protect Your Unit Week 7 Results Thread

NCAA Football: Maryland at Purdue
Purdue’s moon helmet.
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(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Not a huge shakeup in the standings this week, but leader speruche extended his lead:

speruche 2168.73 220.90
Danj725 1779.25 -209.09
mcgies852 1415.42 -9.36
anthonyvito 1341.31 -11.36
HerdCountry941 1253.65 -55.45
undercoverbull 1242.02 110.00
mmmmsnouts 1191.10 -129.55
ElliotMoore 1105.82 4.09
jrjs 1081.13 -47.54
camweed12 1059.06 0.00
briank19 1046.15 132.73
carlzee 974.61 0.00
GaryStephen 892.71 -4.55
Gibbsak 796.77 -22.27
E-Dogg42 774.25 -136.55
LrdNorman 752.22 4.91
dsidwell31 732.28 -221.36
McIntyre2K7 644.98 250.00
Julmisteforheisman 639.70 42.50
Snafu13 618.64 -102.27
ULhothot 600.83 -70.00
andrewpina 586.37 -250.00
BullsOnParade96 556.15 -230.91
jjlovecub 544.00 -84.00
Oak1787 543.64 -78.18
gym399 425.50 -154.55
BrianMartin 315.00 0.00
Defdans 270.89 -64.00

Our top three winners this week are McIntyre2K7 (250), speruche (220.90) and briank19 (132.73). Also, UndercoverBull won $110 in fake money. julmisteforheisman, ElliotMoore, and LrdNorman all turned a small profit.

How does speruche keep doing it? He has had a lot of success at over-under parlays:

7 Under 69.5 points in the Appalachian State-Louisiana-Lafayette game; Under 75.0 points in the Oklahoma-Texas game; Under 68.0 points in the Georgia State-Coastal Carolina game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Appalachian State 17-7; Oklahoma 34-27; Georgia State 31-21 40.00 WIN 240.00
6 Under 69.0 points in the Utah State-Louisiana State game; Under 69.0 points in the Western Michigan-Toledo game; Under 69.0 points in the New Mexico-San Jose State game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Louisiana State 42-6; Toledo 31-24; San Jose State 32-21 40.00 WIN 240.00
5 Under 69.0 points in the UCLA-Arizona game; Under 72.5 points in the Colorado State-Utah State game; Under 72.5 points in the Texas Tech-Oklahoma game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Arizona 20-17; Utah State 34-24; Oklahoma 55-16 50.00 WIN 300.00
4 Over 44.0 points in the Wyoming-Tulsa game; Over 38.0 points in the Michigan State-Northwestern game; Over 41.0 points in the California-Mississippi game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Tulsa 24-21; Michigan State 31-10; California 28-20 50.00 WIN 300.00
3 Under 73.0 points in the Texas Tech-Arizona game; Florida State +7.5 points over Virginia; Central Florida -7.5 points over Stanford (WIN,WIN,WIN) Arizona 28-14; Virginia 31-24; Central Florida 45-27 50.00 WIN 300.00
2 Under 65.5 points in the Nebraska-Colorado game; Over 60.5 points in the Louisiana-Monroe-Florida State game; Central Florida -9.5 points over Florida Atlantic (WIN,WIN,WIN) Colorado 34-31; Florida State 45-44; Central Florida 48-14 50.00 WIN 300.00

This week, he also had USF at +185 to beat BYU. A lot of you liked USF’s chances yesterday, and this paid off. As a group, the players netted 313.31 on single bets for that game. On the flip side, we all missed on Miami-Virginia (7 bets, -148.62); Western Kentucky-Army (6 bets, -145), and Florida State-Clemson (3 bets, -102). There was also a lot of action on Texas-Oklahoma, but it was equally split, so the player pool pretty much broke even.

Worst of all was LSU-Florida, in which LSU covered by half a point. This lost $170 fake dollars on 7 bets, and wrecked parlays by dsidwell31, mcgies852, and snafu13. mcgies’ parlay would have made the standings a lot closer, because it would have also broken speruche’s big parlay win, which contained LSU. In an alternate universe where LSU missed a PAT somewhere, the standings are:

speruche 1928.73
Danj725 1779.25
mcgies852 1565.42

Speaking of missed PATs, do you remember the one in the USF-BYU game? It cost McIntyre2K7 bigtime:

McIntyre2K7 Over 50.0 points in the Brigham Young-South Florida game; South Florida +6.0 points over Brigham Young (PUSH,WIN) South Florida 27-23; South Florida 27-23 125.00 WIN 125.00
McIntyre2K7 Over 50.0 points in the Brigham Young-South Florida game; Over 51.5 points in the Cincinnati-Houston game (PUSH,WIN) South Florida 27-23; Cincinnati 38-23 125.00 WIN 125.00

One more point from USF (or BYU) and both parlays would have hit for the full $325 payoff instead of just $125 each. That’s $400 fake dollars that one point cost him. Sometimes even winning can be painful. I’ll give that a consolation Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week award.

Because I honestly find this difficult to award. Of the 53 games this week, 51 of them had at least one play on them. And one of the two that didn’t was an FCS game, Rhode Island-Virginia Tech, which didn’t even get a line until late in the week. (The other was Colorado-Oregon.) Every Sun Belt game, every C-USA game, every MAC game had action on it.

Other over-under games of note:

  • Several of you played Wyoming-San Diego State over 37.5. That’s one of the lowest overs in PYU’s modern history, going back to 2013. The record is 34, for Northwestern-Michigan and Missouri-Vanderbilt in 2015. The over came in when SDSU won 26-22.
  • South Carolina’s shocking win over Georgia didn’t do much damage, as only four people played the game. It did ruin a big parlay for Danj725, though.
  • Oak1787 lost a parlay when Louisville-Wake Forest went over 66 points. And boy, did it go over, with Louisville winning 62-59. Only nine games since 2013 have exceeded the over by more than that, any many of those were long overtime games. In 2015, Syracuse beat Pittsburgh 76-61, exceeding the over of 67 by 70 points. Last year’s LSU-Texas A&M overtime extravaganza exceeded the over by 99.

Back to 2019: we are now midway through the season! All twelve AAC teams are in action, and in conference games. Tulane-Memphis and Temple-SMU are important for divisional races. Tulsa is at Cincinnati, USF at Navy, East Carolina at Central Florida, and Houston makes its last trip to Connecticut. Nationally, Week 8 is a bit “meh” as the biggest game is Michigan-Penn State. Other top teams are taking on lesser conference competition.