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Protect Your Unit Week 9 Results Thread

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas State
A purple team that actually played well yesterday.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Let’s start with this week’s winners:

McIntyre2K7 829.55
Defdans 221.00
andrewpina 90.88
speruche 8.59

That's it, folks. Everyone else lost this week. Eight players lost less than $75; eleven players lost $125 or more. This in a week where USF won big, which usually puts fake money in people’s pockets. But betting on USF was light, which was perfectly understandable given the uncertainty at the quarterback position. The Bulls’ steamrolling of ECU fit perfectly into a week where nothing went as expected.

Games that looked close were blowouts: Ohio State-Wisconsin, Central Florida-Temple, Michigan-Notre Dame, Connecticut-UMass, and the aforementioned USF at East Carolina. Games that looked one-sided were surprisingly close: Memphis-Tulsa, USC-Colorado, Oregon-Washington State. We also had upsets by a 23-point underdog (Kansas State), and three ten-point underdogs (Illinois, Kentucky, San Jose State).

And nobody cashed in on any of it. Except for a couple of players who found their way to parlay hits:

mcintyre2k7 Over 59.0 points in the Oklahoma-Kansas State game; Over 55.5 points in the Memphis-Tulsa game; Over 61.0 points in the Texas Tech-Kansas game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Kansas State 48-41; Memphis 42-41; Kansas 37-34 140.00 WIN 840.00
Defdans Florida State -10.0 points over Syracuse; Over 51.0 points in the South Florida-East Carolina game (WIN,WIN) Florida State 35-17; South Florida 45-20 85.00 WIN 221.00
mcintyre2k7 Over 49.0 points in the South Florida-East Carolina game; Alabama -33.0 points over Arkansas (WIN,WIN) South Florida 45-20; Alabama 48-7 25.00 WIN 65.00

It figures that McIntyre2K7, who’s had a ton of bad luck this season, would be the guy to cash in on Opposite Day. He would have won another $270 if Alabama-Arkansas had mustered up one more field goal. As it is, he jumps from the bottom of the table to third place:

speruche 8.59 2701.82
undercoverbull -62.00 1307.48
McIntyre2K7 829.55 1224.53
Danj725 -168.18 1211.07
anthonyvito -175.00 1171.04
HerdCountry941 -156.82 1096.82
E-Dogg42 -211.33 1086.01
camweed12 0.00 1059.06
briank19 -72.27 1030.96
mcgies852 -127.27 1028.11
ElliotMoore -60.85 944.94
mmmmsnouts -175.00 938.83
jrjs -240.00 921.85
GaryStephen -227.50 835.22
carlzee -52.27 822.34
Gibbsak -6.82 737.67
dsidwell31 -50.00 672.28
Snafu13 0.00 568.64
jjlovecub 0.00 544.00
Julmisteforheisman -22.92 516.78
Oak1787 -30.91 491.82
andrewpina 90.88 427.25
LrdNorman -192.73 417.49
gym399 0.00 404.60
BrianMartin 0.00 315.00
Defdans 221.00 306.89
ULhothot -202.27 291.75
BullsOnParade96 -248.09 62.84

There is more interesting movement at the bottom of the table. Defdans was down to his last $85, and that FSU/USF parlay hit was an all-in play. He gets back to $306.89 total. He cannot use the “all in” rule next week, since he’s no longer under $250 total. He’ll have to make the usual 3 bets/1 AAC bet/$50-$250 requirements. If he goes under $250 to start a week later on, he can make an all-in bet again.

Replacing him in the all-in pool is BullsOnParade96, who is down to his last $62.84 after the Texas-TCU game broke his most recent big parlay attempt. He may now make one bet for his last $62.84 if desired.

Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to me, for throwing my last $64 on Oregon in a desperate attempt to get even after getting crushed all day. Should have cut my losses and waited for another day. I don’t usually tilt, but I did yesterday. Not proud of it. Even though this is all just for fun, I try to maintain a decent place in the standings.

Last item of business: Florida State has been eliminated from winning the ACC Championship Game. Some of you placed a futures bet on this; it will be marked as a loss. The amount wagered will be moved from “Futures Pending” to “Futures Won/Lost” in your dashboard, and the Standings will reflect the lower amount still pending.

Nationally, the top games is Florida-Georgia, which will decide the SEC East, unless you think Missouri is still a threat. Those of you who took Florida or Georgia to win the SEC Championship Game pre-season, it’s not happening if they don’t win this one first.

Week 10 games: SMU-Memphis is a huge game in the AAC West. Memphis has already beaten Navy, so if they can beat SMU as well, they’ll have a one-game lead plus the tiebreaker. Which is good, because they also have a regular season game with Cincinnati. SMU needs this one, not only to keep their NY6 hopes alive, but because 7-1 may not be good enough to win the division. The other four AAC games are Navy-UConn, Tulsa-Tulane, Cincinnati-East Carolina, and Houston-Central Florida. USF and Temple are both off, in advance of their Week 11 Thursday Night game.