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USF Football Press Conference : BYU

Coach Strong spoke with the media Monday.


South Florida Bulls head coach Charlie Strong started his weekly press conference by offering condolences to former player Josh Brown and his family who was murdered over the weekend in Texas.

Strong then spoke about the upcoming game against BYU. Strong praised his team’s ability to play physical, fast and smart last weekend. He stated that they will need to match that intensity against a “big, physical, and athletic” BYU team.

Strong was asked about his team’s ability to sustain momentum from the UConn game. Strong stated that the team was able to get a lot of confidence from the last game and that they needed to carry that forward. Strong also stressed the need to play well at home, stating that the team had been “embarrassed” in two of three home games this season.

Strong said BYU is a spread team offensively with good players at receiver, tight end, and along the offensive line.

Strong does not foresee BYU changing their scheme to accommodate new QB Jaren Hall, who is filling in for injured starter—the Mormon Manziel— Zach Wilson. Defensively, Strong said BYU will mix things up schematically. Strong praised the BYU defensive line, specifically their nose guards, and their experienced defensive backfield.

Strong was asked about sophomore linebacker Dwayne Boyles, who made the AAC honor roll for his performance against UConn. Strong praised his versatility saying he could play linebacker in nickel packages, as well as on the line of scrimmage in base packages.

Strong was also asked about tight end Mitch Wilcox, who did not have a catch last game. Strong praised Wilcox for his unselfishness. Strong said that despite not having a catch, Wilcox graded out at around 90% with “three or four knockdowns”. Strong praised his physical play, and said it was great for the team to see that effort and unselfishness from one of their better players.

The biggest news came later in the day, during Coach Strong’s teleconference. Coach Strong confirmed to Nathan Bond of The Daily Stampede Dot Com, that Johnny Ford will not play against this week against BYU.


  • During both his press conference and the teleconference, Coach Strong specifically praised the play of Jordan Cronkrite and Bryce Miller.
  • Strong said Jordan McCloud is “back” and health(y/ier) from his wrist injury and that Blake Barnett is still nursing his ankle injury. If Barnett is unable to go Saturday, Kirk Rygol will be the backup.
  • USF released a game six depth chart.