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Protect Your Unit Week 11 Results Thread

Western Kentucky v Arkansas
The best kind of revenge.
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Let’s start with the standings. Leader speruche falls back about $460 this week, taking a small loss while McIntyre2K7 made one huge bet on the Virginia-Georgia Tech over, winning $368.03 fake dollars.

USER Grand_Total Week_11
speruche 2992.70 -82.23
McIntyre2K7 1987.33 368.03
jrjs 1561.85 145.00
HerdCountry941 1076.26 -72.27
camweed12 1059.06 0.00
briank19 993.39 25.16
Danj725 972.20 -34.32
anthonyvito 940.71 -88.30
mmmmsnouts 938.83 0.00
GaryStephen 923.63 39.32
mcgies852 874.02 0.00
ElliotMoore 872.22 62.73
carlzee 838.28 0.00
Snafu13 822.09 0.00
Gibbsak 771.38 16.36
undercoverbull 732.48 -250.00
E-Dogg42 632.01 -250.00
jjlovecub 544.00 0.00
dsidwell31 476.82 -150.00
gym399 404.60 0.00
Oak1787 335.46 -59.09
Julmisteforheisman 316.78 -120.00
BrianMartin 315.00 0.00
LrdNorman 301.13 0.00
andrewpina 290.64 113.40
Defdans 210.26 -250.00
ULhothot 141.74 -250.00
BullsOnParade96 0.00 -62.84

Don’t forget, you have to make three different bets each week, including one involving an AAC game, or you have to spend a bye week.

Unless you’re below $250, in which case you can make one big bet. BullsOnParade96 staked his last $62.84 on USF to beat Temple and hit the over, neither of which happened. He is now down to $0, and can make a Sudden Death Bet, as per Rule 11. He must pick one AAC game, against the spread, which he must win, No pushes, no over/under plays. If successful, he will get another $500 to play with (though his total will still reflect the lost $1000). I will put $1 fake dollar into his account to make this play.

Note also that BullsOnParade96 has two futures bets that are still alive: Cincinnati to win the AAC ($225) and Oregon to make the four-team playoff ($400). If a player runs out of money, but wins some later from futures betting, he may re-enter the contest. The Sudden Death Bet is still available either way, but you have to take it the week after you go broke.

Also dropping below $250 and into the all-in zone are defdans (210.26) and ULhothot (141.74). They may bet their entire remaining amount on one bet if desired, or make 3 bets/1 AAC bet as usual. Andrewpina had a good enough to climb out of the all-in zone, winning $113.40 to get over $290.

As is always the case when USF loses, we lost our shirts on the Temple game: -$362.27 on 6 straight bets. Beyond that, the action was pretty spread out among a lot of games; no game had much action, so no game won or lost that much. Some players found a little success on the money line:

GaryStephen Tulsa +650.0 money line to beat Central Florida Tulsa 34-31 15.00 WIN 97.50
ElliotMoore Louisiana State +200.0 money line to beat Alabama Louisiana State 46-41 40.00 WIN 80.00
speruche Illinois +550.0 money line to beat Michigan State Illinois 37-34 9.00 WIN 49.50
Danj725 Appalachian State +190.0 money line to beat South Carolina Appalachian State 20-15 25.00 WIN 47.50
speruche Louisiana State +225.0 money line to beat Alabama Louisiana State 46-41 18.00 WIN 40.50
speruche Minnesota +210.0 money line to beat Penn State Minnesota 31-26 19.00 WIN 39.90
anthonyvito Western Kentucky +105.0 money line to beat Arkansas Western Kentucky 45-19 25.00 WIN 26.25

Yes, I picked Central Florida to crap their pants in Tulsa. And it feels damn good. Let me just see that one more time:

GaryStephen Tulsa +650.0 money line to beat Central Florida Tulsa 34-31 15.00 WIN 97.50

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. The world is ever-so-slightly returning to normal.

This week’s Degenerate Bet Award goes to anthonyvito for being the only one to call Western Kentucky’s surprisingly easy win over Arkansas. The funny part? WKU was led by Ty Storey, Arkansas’ former starting quarterback. That must have felt good. It also must have felt weird beating Arkansas but losing to Central Arkansas. I imagine Chad Morris was reminded of that as he was being shown out the door.

I also liked julmisteforheisman betting on UConn to beat Cincinnati outright at +2800. Hey, you’ve got to take a shot sometimes.

Let’s look at this week’s winning parlays:

jrjs Baylor -1.0 points over Texas Christian; Florida -24.5 points over Vanderbilt; Notre Dame -6.0 points over Duke (WIN,WIN,WIN) Baylor 29-23; Florida 56-0; Notre Dame 38-7 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Miami (FL) -5.0 points over Louisville; Under 48.5 points in the Missouri-Georgia game; Over 64.0 points in the Iowa State-Oklahoma game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Miami (FL) 52-27; Georgia 27-0; Oklahoma 42-41 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Washington -9.5 points over Oregon State; Kansas State +7.5 points over Texas; Utah State +6.5 points over Fresno State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Washington 19-7; Texas 27-24; Utah State 37-35 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Under 76.5 points in the Georgia State-Louisiana-Monroe game; Under 48.5 points in the Missouri-Georgia game; Utah State +6.5 points over Fresno State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Louisiana-Monroe 45-31; Georgia 27-0; Utah State 37-35 15.00 WIN 90.00
speruche Over 48.0 points in the Penn State-Minnesota game; Over 43.5 points in the Purdue-Northwestern game; Over 45.5 points in the Illinois-Michigan State game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Minnesota 31-26; Purdue 24-22; Illinois 37-34 40.00 WIN 240.00

Last year’s PYU winner jrjs went 4 for 15 on three-way parlays, to get into third place at $1,561.85. Leader speruche wasn’t up to his usual standards, hitting only 1 of 7, but had a couple money line wins that limited his weekly loss to only $82.23. Still a plenty big lead, just over $1,000 fake dollars.

Week 12 National games of note: Oklahoma-Baylor looks like the Big XII Championship Game preview. Georgia-Auburn is an important SEC game. The Big Ten has Minnesota-Iowa (don’t laugh, the Gophers are ranked #7); Indiana-Penn State (don’t laugh, the Hoosiers are ranked #24); and #2 Ohio State is at Rutgers (okay, laugh).

The other matchup between Top 25 teams is: Navy-Notre Dame! The Midshipmen are very much a contender for the Group of Five’s NY6 bowl slot. They have the toughest remaining schedule: at Notre Dame, at SMU, vs Army, and a potential AAC Championship Game against Cincinnati. If they win all those, I don’t think there’d be any doubt about it.

Other AAC games are Tulane-Temple, Cincinnati-USF, and Memphis-Houston. All are on Saturday. Connecticut, East Carolina, SMU, Tulsa, and Central Florida, are all off.


GaryStephen Tulsa +650.0 money line to beat Central Florida Tulsa 34-31 15.00 WIN 97.50

The first lines are already up. We’ve got a full week of MACtion starting Tuesday, so you can already start getting your picks in.