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Protect Your Unit Week 12 Results Thread

Trinbago Knight Riders v Barbados Tridents - 2019 Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Photo by Ashley Allen - CPL T20/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

First, I have some unpleasant business to report; it seems some of you have found a little loophole in the website that lets you enter bets after the games have started.

In most cases this was only by a few seconds, and/or the bets were for small amounts, so for the most part I chalk it up to the admittedly imperfect website. However, there were a couple large, suspicious wins from earlier I had to cancel out because they were entered after the game had actually ended. I won’t name names. But please don’t do it again. I don’t want to have to get rough:

Clint Black - Maverick

25 years ago today since they threw me off the boat! Maverick was a fantastic break from my day job! I’d bet it all on a good run of bad luck.

Posted by Clint Black on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Now that that business is out of the way: the weeknight games were a good run of bad luck, but our players did a lot better on Saturday. Parlay wins include:

undercoverbull Alabama -17.5 points over Mississippi State; Michigan -13.5 points over Michigan State; Memphis -10.0 points over Houston (WIN,WIN,WIN) Alabama 38-7; Michigan 44-10; Memphis 45-27 240.00 WIN 1440.00
Danj725 Alabama -17.5 points over Mississippi State; Michigan -13.5 points over Michigan State; Georgia -2.5 points over Auburn (WIN,WIN,WIN) Alabama 38-7; Michigan 44-10; Georgia 21-14 150.00 WIN 900.00
Defdans Georgia -2.5 points over Auburn; South Florida +14.0 points over Cincinnati (WIN,WIN) Georgia 21-14; Cincinnati 20-17 217.26 WIN 564.88
speruche Massachusetts +40.0 points over Northwestern; Rutgers +52.0 points over Ohio State; Under 69.5 points in the Hawaii-Nevada-Las Vegas game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Northwestern 45-6; Ohio State 56-21; Hawaii 21-7 80.00 WIN 480.00
speruche Michigan -13.0 points over Michigan State; Wisconsin -13.0 points over Nebraska; Notre Dame -9.0 points over Navy (WIN,WIN,WIN) Michigan 44-10; Wisconsin 37-21; Notre Dame 52-20 40.00 WIN 240.00
speruche Alabama State +40.5 points over Florida State; Under 68.0 points in the Kansas-Oklahoma State game; Rutgers +53.0 points over Ohio State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Florida State 49-12; Oklahoma State 31-13; Ohio State 56-21 40.00 WIN 240.00
HerdCountry941 Georgia -2.5 points over Auburn; Rutgers +53.0 points over Ohio State; Hawaii -6.5 points over Nevada-Las Vegas (WIN,WIN,WIN) Georgia 21-14; Ohio State 56-21; Hawaii 21-7 40.00 WIN 240.00
dsidwell31 Notre Dame -9.0 points over Navy; Georgia -2.5 points over Auburn; Kentucky -8.5 points over Vanderbilt (WIN,WIN,WIN) Notre Dame 52-20; Georgia 21-14; Kentucky 38-14 25.00 WIN 150.00
jrjs Wisconsin -13.0 points over Nebraska; Syracuse +12.0 points over Duke; Oregon -24.0 points over Arizona (WIN,WIN,WIN) Wisconsin 37-21; Syracuse 49-6; Oregon 34-6 23.00 WIN 138.00
jrjs Wisconsin -13.0 points over Nebraska; Over 69.5 points in the Memphis-Houston game; Wyoming +6.0 points over Utah State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Wisconsin 37-21; Memphis 45-27; Utah State 26-21 23.00 WIN 138.00
jrjs Oklahoma State -17.0 points over Kansas; Under 56.0 points in the Massachusetts-Northwestern game; Over 57.5 points in the Louisiana-Monroe-Georgia Southern game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Oklahoma State 31-13; Northwestern 45-6; Georgia Southern 51-29 23.00 WIN 138.00
jrjs Under 57.0 points in the Massachusetts-Northwestern game; Wyoming +6.0 points over Utah State; Air Force -10.0 points over Colorado State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Northwestern 45-6; Utah State 26-21; Air Force 38-21 23.00 WIN 138.00
jrjs Florida -6.5 points over Missouri; Temple +6.0 points over Tulane; Air Force -10.0 points over Colorado State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Florida 23-6; Temple 29-21; Air Force 38-21 22.46 WIN 134.76
Lrdnorman Under 50.5 points in the Wyoming-Utah State game; Under 54.0 points in the Southern Mississippi-Texas-San Antonio game (WIN,WIN) Utah State 26-21; Southern Mississippi 36-17 45.00 WIN 117.00
LrdNorman Alabama -17.5 points over Mississippi State; Wisconsin -14.0 points over Nebraska (WIN,WIN) Alabama 38-7; Wisconsin 37-21 40.00 WIN 104.00

Well, that will offset $500 fake dollars lost on weeknight games. Single bets lost a total of only -$64.72 total, while parlays won a net total of $3,426.18 this week.

Did all that winning change the standings? Not much, because leader speruche continued to pile up winnings on parlays:

speruche 3503.20 510.50
undercoverbull 2181.57 1449.09
jrjs 1972.61 410.76
Danj725 1819.94 847.73
McIntyre2K7 1549.30 -70.00
HerdCountry941 1272.62 196.36
camweed12 1059.06 0.00
anthonyvito 1004.35 63.64
GaryStephen 980.63 57.00
briank19 961.57 -31.82
mmmmsnouts 938.83 0.00
mcgies852 874.02 0.00
carlzee 838.28 0.00
Defdans 775.14 564.88
ElliotMoore 741.77 -130.45
Snafu13 722.09 -100.00
Gibbsak 697.89 -73.50
dsidwell31 545.00 68.18
jjlovecub 544.00 0.00
BullsOnParade96* 0 500.00
LrdNorman 435.77 134.64
gym399 404.60 0.00
E-Dogg42 382.01 -250.00
andrewpina 330.65 40.00
BrianMartin 315.00 0.00
Oak1787 314.55 -20.91
Julmisteforheisman 216.78 -100.00
ULhothot 0.00 -141.74

Other games of note:

  • The Cincinnati-USF game was our biggest loser this week, which is a little odd considering USF covered. The over, USF money line, and Cincinnati ATS were all popular bets.
  • Rutgers was a 53-point underdog to Ohio State. Without looking, that has to be a record for an intra-conference game. But they covered, losing only 56-21. I wonder about the track record of point spreads that big; it’s almost impossible to cover, because such a big favorite empties the bench after about 35-42 points. We did well on that one; it was the third-most played (7 wagers), and second-biggest winner ($69.09, trailing Memphis-Houston) among single bets.
  • Another weird line we did well on was Northwestern-Massachusetts. Northwestern was only 1-8 coming in, but favored by 41 points. They didn’t quite cover it, winning 45-6.
  • BullsOnParade96 won his Sudden Death Bet, and gets another $500 to play with. He is still considered $1,000 down for the season, however.
  • Defdans went all-in on Georgia and USF to cover, which they did. He’s back up to $564.88.
  • ULhothot lost his last bet when Wake Forest failed to cover against Clemson, and can now make a Sudden Death Bet in Week 13. It must be an AAC game, and you must take a point spread that wins (no pushes, money lines, or over-unders).
  • Next to go below $250 is julmisteforheisman, who has $216.78. He can bet all his remaining units on one bet if desired.
  • USF is officially eliminated from the AAC championship, so all pre-season futures bets on winning the championship game will be set to losses.

Week 13 is led by Penn State-Ohio State. Penn State can still win the Big Ten Whatever It’s Called Division, and cause national championship chaos, with a win here. Texas-Baylor and Texas A&M-Georgia are Top 25 matchups.

The important games finally arrive in the AAC. SMU at Navy is an elimination game in the West Division. Both teams have already lost to Memphis, so whoever loses this one is out of the running. Cincinnati needs one more win to claim the East Division, but finishing with Temple this week and Memphis next week won’t make it easy. Temple can still finagle a tie for the East lead at 6-2. So can Central Florida, who plays at Tulane. Memphis is an early two-touchdown favorite at USF, who can throw a wrench in things with an upset. Houston-Tulsa will decide fifth place in the AAC West.

And finally, Connecticut hosts East Carolina. Both teams are 0-6, so someone has to win. It’s also UConn’s last AAC home game, and last decent chance at a win since they close at Temple. If they don’t get either win, they’ll end their time in the American with a 17-game conference losing streak. Their last win was against Tulsa on October 21, 2017.